Feb 19, 2014

Travel Eyes

Could you do this ? 

Could you sign up to go on a trip with a group of strangers, 1/2 who are sighted and 1/2 who are visually impaired. 

As a sighted traveler your responsibility on the trip, to pair up with a visually impaired person everyday and visually describe the world to them. 

Each day the pairs are rotated so you are always working with a different person.  

Imagine the level of trust and intimacy that happens exponentially on day 1 and 2 and 3 and on and on. No time to figure it out, no time to practice. 

When you arrive in Cuba, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Thailand, or whatever destination you've chosen, you are there, a sighted traveler expected to share the world, what your eyes and heart can see, what your mind can process visually - with someone you've never met before. Someone who is counting on you 1000%. 

Certainly this would be a marathon and sprint in trust, intimacy, in giving of yourself and in receiving back exponentially the gift of humanity up close and personal.  The marathon would also include perspective, how could it not ? 

What a sighted person sees everyday magnified ten fold, imagine the work out in your mind's eye describing and detailing colors, textures, shapes, sizes, beauty, peace, weather manifestations and more. 

The sighted person becoming a human camera, your thoughts, ideas, and descriptions becoming the canvas in your partners mind and heart.  
What lessons could be learned, what gifts shared, what memories created ? 

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