Feb 6, 2014

New Friends and Thanks ~

I've taken many different things to Ghana in my suitcases: supplies, uniforms, shoes, backpacks, books, a cement drill and a water pump to name a few; this next trip, I get to bring along two new friends.  

They are yet to be named, I will introduce them to the children in Kissemah and have them come up with the names.  Maddie and Morgan got to meet them yesterday,  Maddie was very interested and friendly, Morgan did not want  anything to do with them.  

I got the puppets from the Children's Ministry at Victory World Church in Norcross, Ga. I had the pleasure of meeting with Pastor Jerry Quiroz yesterday, he manages the pre-school age ministry. 

Pastor Jerry spent two plus hours sharing information and best practices on all aspects of the ministry, logistics, security, how they keep track of the children, teachers, volunteers, where they get their curriculum content, the classroom set up, the administration and supplies set up, the applications and software they use, everything.  It was a wonderful meeting and I appreciate all the information he provided.  Thanks Pastor Jerry ! 

The puppets will make a big splash in Kissemah, especially with the younger students. I am so excited.  


Update on Daniel 
Thanks to those who are sending paper currency from all over the world for Daniel. I appreciate those who reached out after the post last week, I look forward to letting Daniel know how I was able to get currency from so many different places in the world.  I want to make good on my promise to him and I appreciate your support. I am going to get him a crispy $2 bill for sure. He has several dollar bills, but not the $2.