Feb 20, 2014

Morell at the High Museum ~

If you like photography, if you like art, if you like to have your view of the world, of common objects, of nature, of ideas and dreams challenged and expanded, make sure you go to the HIGH Museum to experience the amazing exhibit of Abelardo Morell, Cuban born photographer, now living in the US. 

Abelardo Morrell 

The exhibit is featured on two floors of the Anne Cox Chambers building, it has  over 100 photographs including a group commissioned by the High Museum, the subject, THE SOUTH.  The exhibit runs from 2/23 to 5/18.  

Morell uses the camera combined with shadows, light, shapes, textures, nature, along with his imagination to present the ordinary in extraordinary ways. 

Pencils, books, money, wine glasses, trees, you will see them in ways that invite you to keep looking, considering, wondering, enjoying all the possibilities. 

He is a master of juxtaposing. Morell is also well know for the camera obscura technique, see picture below. 

I assure you that you will enjoy this exhibit. Give yourself the gift of art, imagination, wonder, creativity and spend a few hours at the HIGH with THE UNIVERSE NEXT DOOR, Abelardo Morell. Let me know how you like it. 

Click for video clip from NatGeo on Morell