Feb 15, 2014

Atlanta Writers Club

Today is February 15th, it is day 127 of the rest of my life. 

Today is day 127 of the new chapter that started mid October in 2013, when I worked my last day at Cox Communications and went to Ghana for 10 weeks. 

I continue to be thankful everyday for having the days, weeks, months of being able to significantly shift my focus and passion to activities and experiences that I love, activities and experiences that I am interested in, that bring me joy, that bring me in contact with new people and old friends, activities that allow me to help others, activities and experiences that bring me back to being creative, employing and challenging my imagination, especially all activities related to learning and writing. 

I thank God everyday for this incredible blessing. 

Having T I M E to experience, to plan, to consider, to reflect, having time to imagine, having time to enjoy the art and imagination of others; I wake up everyday like a 5 year old, my heart filled with excitement.  

Today I sat in a room with about 50+ people who love to write. 

At the suggestion of a dear friend, I joined the Atlanta Writers Club. The club is  celebrating its 100 year anniversary this year and I am excited to be part of organization.  They have speakers, forums, critique groups, annual conferences, writing contest, etc., and everyone I met today was very nice.  I was so happy to be in the room listening to the guest speakers on the program today. 

I sometimes forget how much I love to write; today I remembered.  

I am excited for what lies ahead.