Feb 13, 2014

88 Years Old

Yesterday was snow day # 2. 

I decided to take on a project in the office, spring cleaning in February. 

I reviewed all the files I have stacked on the book shelves in the office. I spent 3 hours figuring out what needs to be shredded, recycled, filed, organized, followed up on, etc. 

In the midst of these 3 hours  I found a treasure. I don't remember where I got this document, I am sure from my DAD in years past. 

If you look closely you can see this is dated February 24th, 1926 - this is the day my Dad was born in Panama. The message is in Spanish and is from Alfredo Aleman, one of my Grandpa Rogelio's best friends in Panama to my Grandma Chichi. 

Mr. Aleman refers to my Dad as "su precioso chiquitin", your precious little one. 

I immediately made a PDF copy and sent to my brother, Roger,  in Panama. I will give this to him later this year, so he can save for his children, JoAnn and Rogelio IV. 

February 24th, 1926 - Republic of Panama

I will also give Roger the original fax I got from my DAD the day little Roger was born or Rogelio IV as Grandpa proudly shared the details.  This one dated 1996 - seventy years later.  I should have taken a picture of this fax long ago, as the ink has faded over the years. 

May 31st, 1996 - Republic of Panama