Feb 27, 2014

12 Days

In 12 days I be in Ghana. 

I will be in Kissemah for 3 weeks checking on the progress of activities and milestones specific to the transition to the new Mawuvio's school location in Ayikumah Township.  The projected date to begin classes at the new school: September 2014 which is the start of the academic school year for the Ghana school system. 

New School Building in Ayikumah 

There is lots to do, think about, consider and then there is the children.

I miss them ! ! !  I miss each and everyone of them ! 

The Mawuvio's Students 

I want to see all of them, be among them, sit with the teachers and observe all the classes, observe and share in the learning and the joyful and spirited energy of all. 

I want to hang out with the Primary One Class, the tiny academic warriors that challenged me for 8 + weeks last year. 

Primary Class 1 - Cutting Up 

I want to see Lilian, and her sister, Belinda.  

I want to share the Gulfstream 5 pilot interview video with all of them and the video I made of the Atlanta snow and ice weather episodes: SNOWJAM and SNOWCHI.  

I am also going to be there for the 2nd Mawuvio's Outreach school excursion.  

Thanks to a holiday gift donation from a group of supporters, all of the children and teachers will get to visit the national park and museum dedicated to the first president of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah.  He was the president when Ghana became a republic on March 6th, 1957. This will be exciting for all. Excursion date is scheduled for Wednesday, March 19th. 

Presidential National Park in Accra, Ghana

We will also have the Term 2 PTA meeting.

Kwame and I will visit the Ghana Rafiki location to talk to the Rafiki leaders and staff about their feeding program, the kitchen set up, the daily cooking operations and how they source the food supplies. Rafiki currently cares for and boards 118 children, they've been in Ghana for 11 years, we can certainly learn from their experiences and what they are doing today. 

Thanks to another generous gift from an Atlanta supporter, the children that really need shoes will get a new pair. Some of the older students got shoes a few weeks back when we had a visitor, Alan McGinlay from Glasgow, Scotland. 

On this visit, I hope to get 30 to 40 children outfitted with new shoes for school. 

Kwame and some of the teachers and myself will also visit a Ghanaian publisher, Afram Publications, they specialize in publishing academic text books that support the Ghana Education Services curriculum requirements. Our objective, find out what is available and get information on costs and availability of the text books so we can plan for what we need when we move to the Ayikumah school location. 

Ofcourse we will visit the school site and most likely, the chief elder in the Ayikumah village. One of our biggest expenses to outfit the school is coming up: all the carpentry work and materials to build the classroom desks, chairs, office furniture, bunk beds, wardrobe shelves, benches and shelves for the classrooms and office and kitchen; Kwame and I will be meeting with the contractor that will be doing this work to ensure we are all on the same page regarding his bid estimate, the quantities, the quality expected, where materials will be purchased, etc. 

We will also meet with Teacher Lawrenda's sister and her husband, they are long time residents of DODOWA, the largest city about 9 kilometers from the new school. For the record, Dodawa is 45 kilometers from Kissemah; on a good day with light traffic you can get to Ayikumah in less than an hour. With traffic it usually takes 1 hour and 15 minutes tops.  The road is in good condition for 99% of the way. 

Pastor Belinda Williams from Atlanta will visit the school on Friday March 14th and share the worship message and teaching with the children and teachers.  We look forward to having Pastor Belinda in Kissemah for the day visit. 

I will reach out to Daniel; several people sent me paper currency from all over the world. I look forward to sharing this with him. 

I look forward to all my conversations with Ceci and Stefan.  

I look forward to seeing all the children in the compound, especially the little, little ones, Terrence and Godsway. 

I look forward to writing and sharing the daily updates.  And the children will all write letters to their sponsors.