Jan 1, 2014

Welcome 2014



So much to look forward to, one day at a time. 7 is my favorite number, it has been ever since I can remember.

 2 +  0 + 1 +  4 = 7

2014….. I am excited for the new year, for all the possibilities, for all the discovery, for wonder, family, friendships, travel, for the green smoothies I am going to start having everyday and most important I am excited to have time.  

I won't mention the R word that is generally associated with the new year, everyone is the captain of their own ship and if that R word is part of your plans for 2014, best wishes to you. 

I did start the new year with a different R word, "recurring" dream, I have three versions of these types of dreams. The one last night, I get assigned the lead role in a play and the dream is always about not being ready for the part, not knowing any of the lines, even the overall story.  In the dream I am always nervous, anxious and I am trying to find someone to take the part.  

When I was having the dream I  knew the title of the play, it was a Tennessee Williams play.  When I woke up this morning I could not remember which specific play. The only other person in the dream, my friend, Nikki Heise, I was trying to get in touch with her in the dream so I could figure out how to get out of not knowing any of the lines for my part.   I have this dream at least once every 3 or 4 months.  I had this same dream in Ghana when I first got there in mid October. 

The other two recurring dreams: 1) dreaming that I have the ability to fly, which I love and 2) dreaming about going to school and usually it is the Creative Writing MFA program that I was in a few years back at Queens University in Charlotte.   

There are many interesting theories on why people have recurring dreams, most of them say the person is trying to work something out, a change, a transition, something new and the recurring dream is a reminder of the emotion, the psychology, the considerations of whatever is going on.  I am going to track these and see when one of these dreams comes again. 

Tomorrow I get to see Toby on his way back from Panama. He has a 4 hour layover at the Atlanta airport.  Tomorrow he celebrates his 49th birthday. In 2015 he will join the 50 Club, I can't believe that the baby of the family is already catching up with all of us in that respect.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOBY one day early. 

Toby's Birthday Celebration in Panama 

Toby with our MOM …1970 or 1971