Jan 4, 2014

Update on Lilian Ampomah

Click on link at the bottom of this post for THANK YOU video posted on YOUTUBE from Lilian and her family and Mawuvio's for all the support and prayers from many, many people during her illness and hospitalization at Ridge Hospital in Accra, Ghana. 

I spoke to Lilian and her sister, Belinda, today. Both are doing fine. 

Lilian is excited to be going back to school at Mawuvio's in Kissemah Village. Term 2 starts on Tuesday, January 7th.  The Primary One Class will have a new teacher and Lilian will be back with her classmates. Belinda goes back to her school on January 13th.  

Lilian is a very special little girl, I was deeply moved by her courage and bravery during her illness and her 22 days at Ridge Hospital.  One of the lessons I keep learning over and over from the MOP children: the amazing and endless capacity of the human spirit. 

Thanks to everyone for your support, your emails, the Facebook postings, the donations, the phone calls.  There are many angels who guarded and paved the way for Lilian's care and recovery. 

The doctor at the La Paz clinic who said "take her now" and wrote up the referral for Ridge Hospital.  

Richard, the night security man at Ridge Hospital who got in Kwame's car at 10pm the night Lilian was admitted so we could find the pharmacy to get the medications ASAP that she needed when she was first admitted.  

Thanks to all the MOM's who were in the children's ward at Ridge, who helped Belinda find her way in how the families support the care of the patients in the  ward. Where to buy the water, where to sleep, where to take a shower, etc. 

Thanks to the lady in the X-ray department who prioritized Lilian every time ahead of the 20 or 30 people waiting for their turn to get an X-Ray. Lilian never had to wait more than 5 or 10 minutes. 

Thanks to the man in the Ridge Hospital pharmacy who realized a 100 Ghana Cedi error on one of the bills we paid for medications and helped me get the refund. 

Thanks to all the people at Ceci's church in Kissemah who prayed for Lilian. 

Thanks to Anne Mahlum for listening to all my prayers and for keeping watch over Lilian from heaven.  

Thanks for doctors and nurses at Ridge for taking such good care of Lilian. 

Thanks to Kwame and all the Mawuvio's teachers, Abigail, Steady, Francis, Lawrenda and Francis for caring so much about the Mawuvio's students. 

Thanks to Belinda for your love and care of your sister, Lilian.