Jan 29, 2014

SNOW JAM 2014 - City of Atlanta, GA

I am not sure what the world thinks of Atlanta, the city is making news all over regarding the gridlock caused by a collective miscalculation, lack of planning and what was everyone thinking yesterday ?  

A city of 5 million plus all decided to go home, leave school and close the office at the same time, somewhere between 12pm and 1pm right when it started snowing.

The stories this morning of people stuck in their cars for hours, some over 18, it does not make any sense.  One of my friends, her commute of just under six miles took 12 hours, yes TWELVE. She was happy to be able to get home. Another person I know parked her car in the REI parking lot, went in the store, got all the gear necessary to hike in the snow and walked over six miles in the afternoon yesterday to get home.  Bravo ! 

The major highways in Atlanta yesterday afternoon 

A few years ago Atlanta did not have enough trucks and salt to treat the major highways during a January storm and we made the news with pictures of 18 wheelers literally parked on all of the major highways until the ice melted. This year we had the trucks and the crews ready to go, they could not get through the traffic. 

And Georgia Governor, Nathan Deal, last night during a press conference blamed the forecast. 

REALLY ? REALLY ?  What did General Patton say … Chance favors the prepared. And preparation includes making difficult decisions like closing all the schools, government offices, etc. ahead of the snowfall so gridlock does not happen. I know it is much more complex than one person or one government office, at the same time, can we all collective learn from this and not let it happen ever again ? 

Many retail stores, restaurants, grocery chains, schools, churches, offices, even gas stations became overnight shelters for those who never went home or for those fortunate enough to be able to turn their cars around and find shelter.   Most of those people are still at those locations due to the ice conditions that make driving very dangerous. Thursday the forecast is for temperatures in the mid to high 50*s so the snow will be all gone. Until then, EVERYONE BE SAFE ! ! 

Refugio de Invierno, foto especially for JoAnn Catherine 

My love of patterns, the patio table covered with snow 

Morgan out for 2 minutes this morning - 2.5 inches of snow 
Photo posted via the AJC ~ Go Home This City is Closed