Jan 28, 2014

SIGNS - What do you see ?

As you move through your daily activities, as you go to work, shop, visit friends, go to church, whatever the activity, there is so much to see and take in, so much to pay and not pay attention to.  

What signs do you see? What level of detail catches your attention? What  makes you stop even if for an instant and think about something or someone? 

Below are a few of the signs I took notice of in the past few days and yes thanks to my phone, I was able to take the photos. 


A classic tale of things gone wrong; most people at this store simply 
used the escalator that was not working. 

My favorite number has always been seven, when I saw this billboard 
I decided to get a ticket for both of these drawings. Will keep you posted. 

This sign at the health food store, Nuts and Berries, on Peachtree Industrial.
I was there getting Chia seeds to put in my green shake every morning. This sign like a tiny rhyming poem for everyone to enjoy ! 

A few hours later at Max's Pizza in Atlanta, on Marietta Street by the Centennial Park.  This pizza place has 3 or 4 blackboard walls and the chalk art is all over.  I love how the letters drawn by hand are uniform and almost exact in size. The pizza rendering looks like cells in a petri dish, or yes maybelike a pepperoni pizza. The pizza is very good, I recommend Max's for sure. 

I see this sign most every Saturday when I go to church, it is on the way right before you get to the intersection of Buford Hwy and Jimmy Carter. 

The very first time I saw this sign I read it literally,God is coming soon, Sunday at 11:30am, my brain doing the Spanish to English translation.  Now every time I drive by it, I remember the tiny moment in my life that caught me by surprise and I smile in my heart.  

I love details, I love the possibilities, idea and  considerations that you can garner, discern, imagine, record, feel and discover when something that seems random in your daily movements is captured by your minds eye and it makes an impression on your life. 

What level of detail do you invite into your life, into your mind's eye?  



Full Definition of DETAIL

:  extended treatment of or attention to particular items
:  a part of a whole: as
a :  a small and subordinate part :  particularalso :  a reproduction of such a part of a work of art
b :  a part considered or requiring to be considered separately from the whole
c :  the small elements that collectively constitute a work of art
d :  the small elements of a photographic image corresponding to those of the subject