Jan 10, 2014


I was driving to an appointment yesterday and passed this fountain in the city of Chamblee; I pulled right into the parking lot so I could photograph.  I've shown this picture to several people, some see the red carpet formal, some a simple wedding dress, a few said a fancy propane tank, one person said a cotton candy machine turned on it's side. 

My first action after taking the photo was to text to my niece, JoAnn in Panama. We share an interest in photographs that can be interpreted, discussed, debated, considered; photographs that make you stop for a minute or for hours to consider the subject, the balance, contrast, cause, effect, reason, ration, and so much more.  For me these photographs also become the idea or birth of a poem or story or even a post on this blog. 

Frozen Formal 

JoAnn immediately sent me a text back and said I taught Lemmi how to drive today and included the photo below. Lemmi is a beagle that JoAnn is taking care of while the owner is traveling. And yes sometimes it is all about the angle and the moment. 

Most important its about the EYES.   

Your eyes have to be wired to a mind that slows down so you can gaze, so you can be still, so you can look for and welcome frozen fountains in your field of vision. More important your mind has to give you license or permission to slow down. 

Your eyes have to allow detail to sometimes be beautiful or to have the element of surprise. Your eyes have to be wired to a mind and heart that wants to see the world perhaps a bit different, maybe a momentary shift in balance that leads you to possibilities and beauty that did not exist before. 

And why does this matter ? 

Because the exercise of appreciation, the delight in surprise, the considerations that bring joy and wonder to our hearts and minds is necessary for the human condition. Regardless of who we are, how old we are, what we do, what we don't do, where we live, our jobs, our houses, our heartaches, our dreams: we all need to exercise delight. 

And it can be as simple as P E R S P E C T I V E !  

JoAnn and Lemmi