Jan 15, 2014

Mornings, Celia Cruz and More

I love mornings, always have, always will. My DNA programmed to wake up early and take on the day. 

I am typing this update in my sun and moon pajamas, listening to the Queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz and having my magic green smoothie. Thank you God for another day ! ! 

At 5:10am Maddie came for her morning routine of love, love and more love. She then snuggled with me and went back to sleep for about 1/2 an hour. Then I took both girls out for their morning "business", followed by them having their breakfast and cappuccino milk foam.  

Now they are both having their morning rest.  Morgan is always within eyesight, she normally settles right outside the office, I will post a photo.  I am sure she remembers when we had this daily routine of being upstairs when she was a puppy when I was working on my MFA. Yikes that was 9 years ago. 

Today I made the green smoothie with spinach, mint, celery, a fuji apple, romaine lettuce, ginger and magic water. The taste is fresh, crispy, a tiny bit tangy, the mint always competing for dash of elegance in the smoothie. The burst of energy is awesome. Maddie and Morgan are now getting a tablespoon of the smoothie as a treat after their breakfast. 

The Green Shakes Continue

Tomorrow I have a SKYPE date with the Mawuvio's Primary One Class, I am so excited.  I will SKYPE on my iPad so I can take screen shots of the children.  Lilian has been back to the doctors for a follow up visit. They completed X-rays and lab tests, Kwame said the reports are due tomorrow, I will provide update. 

Tomorrow I have lunch date with the group of people from Cox that stepped in and paid for all of Lilian's medical expenses. I am so excited to be able to thank them in person. 

Primary One Class 

I am headed back to Ghana at the end of March. I miss the children and am looking forward to being with them and all the teachers and Kwame and Ceci and Stefan and all the compound children. At the beginning of March I am going to Goose Lake, Iowa for a short visit to see Renee and her Mom, Barbara Farwell. 

I completed a short YOUTUBE video for Kaia Duke, the ISEP volunteer that worked with MOP for the first term this year. It is 7 minutes, the highlight is 2 or 3 minutes of the Primary One Students, Florence, Grace Mary, Angela, Abil and Elijah thanking Kaia for being their teacher.  To enjoy the video click on the link below. 

Kaia saying Good-Bye to the children 

For YouTube Video Click Here 

Yesterday I got confirmation that I will be able to interview a pilot. My goal is to share the video with the children when I am in Ghana. So many of them want to be a pilot; I want them to hear from an actual pilot on why school is so important and what subjects they need to focus on. The pilot I am going to meet flies a private jet for a well known person who resides in Atlanta. 

I am still interested in interviewing a commercial pilot, if you know a friend, relative, co-worker that knows a pilot, the interview is short and simple, the video will be shared with the Mawuvio's children. 

My interview questions ~ 

1_ how long have you been a pilot 

2_ what type of planes do you fly 

3_ what type of schooling and education is necessary for a pilot 

4_ what advice would you give to children today - about what they need to do to prepare to be a pilot 

5_ Tell the children about yourself 

6_ any other advice you want to share about school, pilot training, etc. 

7_ when did you know you wanted to be a pilot 

8_ how did you train to be one  - where, what school, for how long ? 

9_ can women be pilots  ? 

10_ anything else you want to share with the children ? 

I got a few emails and text messages on the Perspective update I did a few days ago. One of the things I love about having a phone with a camera, I look for details in the world that lead to fleeting moments of poetry in my head.  This is my photo from yesterday afternoon. 

Have you seen the Apple Commercial now running titled “Your Verse Anthem?” It uses Robin Williams in voiceover delivering some material older folks might find familiar. Williams quotes his own character from the film Dead Poets Society, which is only 5 years younger than the Macintosh itself. Much of the speech is from Walt Whitman’s “O Me! O Life!” .