Jan 5, 2014

Late to the Party

I know I am late to the shake, smoothie, magic green drink party; as we all say  better late than never.  

After getting a Magic Bullet machine for the holidays from our dear friend, Maggie, the experimenting has begun. What I love about all of this: 

1_ It is so easy. Simply plug in the bullet, fill up the container with all the ingredients, screw the blade part, placein the bullet, press down a few times  and the drink is ready. It is SO SO SO easy, there are so many options and it barely takes up counter space.  

The adventure begins 

2_ The adventure.  Yesterday I went on a tour of the Buford's Farmers Market vegetable and fruit section with Cindy and my brother, Carlos, to learn about all the green leafs, vegetables, roots, etc. they have there.  I picked up JICAMA, I forget how awesome the taste is and the crunch is my favorite.  Kale, I am having so much fun. I had no idea, the colors, types, flavors. Kale is like a mystery novel, so much to learn, discover, enjoy.  Look at the purple in the photo below, that is the work of angels.  How much more beautiful do you want that purple leaf to be ? MINT is awesome, not sure what more can I say.  

Flowering Kale and Mint 

3_ The energy blast, it's real.  I've had these green drinks for three days now and they are like blasting out of a rocket. As soon as finish with the drink I can feel the energy.  I had no idea.  It is healthy energy, not something I am accustomed to. It the kind of energy that makes me want to dance or sing or even start spring cleaning on Tuesday when the forecast for Atlanta is SEVEN DEGREES. 

4_ The possibilities are endless. I've heard from so many people on all the variations of ingredients they put in their healthy drinks. I am going to post favorite drink ingredients for sure. Keep them coming. Also the surprise ingredients, not sure what those are; with all the people who've been attending the shake, smoothie, magic green drink party, there has to be many proven favorites with awesome fruit and vegetables and who knows what else combinations. For example, I was thinking avocados, mangoes; I tried ginger on day two and it was pungent, lesson learned. Carrots and cucumbers keep showing up on ingredient lists.