Jan 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Patricia

I wrote this poem 15 years ago, FIFTEEN YEARS AGO.  

Today is Pat's Birthday - I am sharing again, the sentiments all the same. I've known Pat since I was 12 years old; when I first moved from Panama to Barstow, CA. We met at Crestline Elementary School. 

What a gift of life to have a friendship from such a young age, what a gift to  know and love that friend 43 years later. Amen Amen Amen ! 

Pat and I had a nice long conversation last week, catching up on all things life. I plan to see her in May when I travel to California. 

Feliz Vida to you Always ! ! ! 

To My Dear Friend Pat on Her 40th Birthday 

A landslide of memories fills the pockets of my life
frame by frame I recall your grace
moment by moment I embrace the years. 

The memories like coins stacked, collected, 
polished, scattered, each with values 
too grand to compute. 

I've tried and tried and am certain of the outcome
there are no words, no sentences
not enough stars in the sky, nor waves in the ocean. 

How do I tell the history and record the tides
how do I celebrate your contributions to my life ? 

Deep in my heart I know, 

    you are my most ancient counselor 
    sister, mother, guardian, teacher, friend. 

    It will always be an honor to speak the words,

                                       My Dear Friend Pat !