Jan 7, 2014

7* on January 7th ~

I was just telling someone recently about liking the number SEVEN.  

It's been that way ever since I can remember; when I was a little girl in Madre Blandina's class in First Grade at Colegio Maria Inmaculada in Panama, I had to practice cursive writing everyday,  I always loved making the little line, or the glyph as some refer to it, to distinguish the number seven (7) from the number one, (1).  

I always considered the line a bit of "decoration" for the number seven to be more than a number, maybe a ballerina on the page, or a twig lost in the woods, or a fancy sword ready for battle. 

I graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in 1977, the cheer went like this: 77 Under the Sun, Kennedy Spartans are # ONE. For many years, 77 was an anthem, a mantra, a right of passage.  

John F. Kennedy Spartans , The Class of 1977

Today is Tuesday January 7th, and it was 7* degrees when I checked the temperature around 6:30am, for some reason I knew it was going to be a good day; a cold wonderful, good day.    

7 Degrees in Atlanta this morning around 6:30am 

January 7th Highlights: 

Lilian is back at school in Kissemah 
My prior post earlier, the photo of Lilian Ampomah at school in Kissemah warmed my heart. I got tears in my eyes when Teacher Lawrenda sent the image via text early, early this morning, Accra is 5 hours ahead. She loves school and seeing the picture of Lilian on the school porch certainly confirmed for me that she is doing OK. 

Skype with JoAnn
I got to Skype with my niece, JoAnn. Technology makes all the connections possible, you still have to make the time, I am glad I did. I love my niece and nephews so very much, JoAnn, Little Roger, Juan Carlos and Jaime. JoAnn shared a panoramic view of the Bay of Panama with her camera, it was wonderful. 

JoAnn in Panama, warm, tropical Panama 

Bones for Maddie and Morgan 
They were so happy. Morgan must have X-Ray Superman vision. She knew the minute I took the bones out of the frig that she was getting something special today. They were large bones for soup; I boiled them a bit, let them cool and then both girls had 20 or 30 minutes in their kennels of HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.  To take the bones away I actually had to trade them for something, celery. 

Project Milestone 
I am almost done with a big project I started 2 days ago. It took me a while to get in gear over the holidays. Today I was in the office from 7am to about 11:30am, working, working. I have so many ideas, projects, plans, I have a list, I have priorities based on what I want to do in Q1 of 2014 - I am happy to be moving ahead in the planned direction, one day a time.  

Green Smoothie Magic
My introduction to smoothies continues. Today the competing flavors: mint and ginger;  just the right amount of both. I could feel them both waving for attention, the result for which one was more prevalent: a tie. 

Both flavors are some of my favorites, you have to be very careful not to put too much ginger  or too much mint, cause then the smoothie is like your crazy uncle at the family reunion. I love all the shades of green that manifest themselves based on the ingredients. 

The green color is intentional, bold, nothing fake about the depth and darkness of the true natural verde color. I've  read several articles and blog posts that estimate a green smoothie to be anywhere from 250 to 350 calories depending on all the ingredients.  I am still surprised at the burst of energy.  Tomorrow I will include a picture of the fridge, all of the ingredients neatly stored in plastic containers, ready for their daily twirl in the Magic Bullet.  And Roger in Panama, you should really try one of these. They are very very good.