Jan 13, 2014

1 Month Since I Got Home

Today I helped a friend by taking her to work after dropping off her car for repair in nearby, Chamblee.  I traveled the usual roads customary to my daily routine and commute of a time not too long ago.  

I drove to the Cox building this morning and then back to the building in the afternoon; the same building I used to work at on Peachtree Dunwoody. And YES it was wonderful to commute and not have to park in the deck, get out,  badge in and sit at the desk I used to work on the 5th floor of building B.  

While I have great memories and my experience at Cox for the past 25 years was overall very positive, that chapter of my life is closed

The page was definitely turned on October 14th when I boarded a plane and traveled far away for 10 weeks, far away in distance and everything else you can imagine.  The distance I needed to leave behind those 25 years of my life was just right when I traveled to Kissemah Village in Ghana.  If I had to do it all over again, I would do the exact same thing.  Once I arrived in Ghana, I had little time to think about what I'd done for the past 25 years at Cox, what I left behind, the routine, the people, my role, my responsibilities; I traveled to a place where none of that mattered. 

Now, everyday at some point in the day, I am like a 5 year old, happy, excited, filled with new and rambunctious energy, energy that wants to play, discover, celebrate, jump up and down.  Now I have TIME, time to do what I want and love, time to pray, time to sit all by myself with a coffee or a green smoothie and for 20 or 30 minutes every morning think about all the people and things I am grateful and appreciate for, TIME to thank God for all the blessings in my life. I have time to plan, to consider, my TO DO lists have evolved to being categorized and prioritized. I have short term goals, long term goals, I even had a list of travel dates and places through July of this year.  


Tomorrow will be a month that I've been home from Ghana. It took me a bit longer than I had expected to get back on sleeping and eating patterns that allow me to be awake at the same time everyone else is up and about in the eastern time zone. 

I am now working everyday in the office upstairs. I have many things I am working on, they are all activities that I enjoy, that I planned for. Maddie and Morgan are very happy to have company, they still enjoy their long naps during the day. 

I even got my calendar synched on all my Apple Devices, I am now taking advantage of the iCloud capabilities. I had a nice conversation with an Apple support person today. A trip to the Apple store in the near future will hopefully result in me purchasing FINAL CUT, the Apple software for "production" quality movie editing.  I am looking forward to learning the Final Cut software for sure. 

I am writing a hand written letter everyday, so far I've not missed a day; I send these out Monday through Friday. I track the recipients names on the calendar. At some point I will run out of people to send letters to, I can plan to go through the list again. I love hand written letters, maybe this will result in me getting a few back. And when I say letter, I mean just that, an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper that I completely fill up with my greeting and updates. 

I found 3 amazing BOK CHOI recipes yesterday and loaded 2 new photo editing apps on my IPAD. All of these activities would have never happened in the past, because I did not have time. This is the first time in my life that I am not going to school, or working or going to school and working. It is completely new and different and I LOVE the possibilities and opportunities that come with this of life event ! ! ! 

I am going to keep going ……..