Dec 5, 2013

Thursday Morning

I woke up today at 5:30am, I got all the exams organized, they are in my room on the long rattan sofa in the front room of my unit. I took my bath at 6:10am and now I am writing this post at 6:25am.

The compound is always up and going at 5:30am. By the time I stepped out to go take my bath, children are taking their baths outside in the big metal basins, some are brushing their teeth , mothers are going to and fro, some sweeping, some caring for the smaller children. Stefan was fetching water for Ceci and Kwame was up and getting ready for the day also. Tomorrow is a holiday for Ghana so the children will have a day off from school. I think all the Mawvuios students have English exam this morning and either ICT or RME in the afternoon.

Kwame and Kaia went to see Lilian yesterday. She is doing well, the lung is still draining x amount of fluid per day. Although the fluid is coming much slower, it is still draining. They cannot remove the tube until it reaches a certain about of X fluid per day. I think we are 40% away from that mark. So the doctors would not estimate a discharge day for Lilian.

Please continue to keep Lilian in your thoughts and prayers. I will go Friday or Saturday and visit with her.

Yesterday was humid, humid, humid. Even the children complained of the heat. We were all sweating in the classroom area by the late morning. We had a huge downpour at 3:30pm for about 30 minutes, like the day before. Everyone is surprised as it is summer in Ghana, we are supposed to be in FULL DRY season by now.

I did not type my update yesterday evening as I feel asleep very early. I thought I was resting at 7pm with intentions to get up and get all the exams in order by class. I never got up, I fell asleep asleep by 7:30pm and did not wake up until about 4:30am this morning. YIKES ! !

I hear a few of the children coughing, Madam Ceci and Kwame both had cold type symptoms yesterday. I need to be very careful and not get whatever may be going around.

Stefan will spend the weekend with is DAD. He is very very happy. I found out yesterday that is DAD lives in Amsterdam of all places.

Today should be a quiet day at school as the children will have exams, so no talking, no moving around, I think we actually get out a bit earlier, like 2pm. I am taking the Annual Report Cards to the class this morning. These are the reports that are kept int the children's school files, so I can fill out. I will also start the work on their Term Report CArds, the ones they take home to their parents or caretakers.

Hope all is going well with everyone reading the updates.