Dec 9, 2013

Sunday in Kissemah

I was up early today, Ceci and I went to the 7am service at her church. The early service is in English - the 9am is in Ewe and Tri. The church is much smaller than the church Kame and the church Austine attend and I was so so so thankful the sound system operates on normal volume. I could understand most every word spoken by the pastor, it was very nice. The congregation of the 7am service was about 50, Ceci said that for the 9am service they get double. The Kissemah church is associated with a much larger church in Achimota, so Ceci goes to both places depending on the schedule and what is going on at the church. I was welcomed by all the congregation, the pastor called me up to introduce me to all the members and I was invited to come again when I return. The church is about a 5 minute walk from the Kissemah compound, it was a nice leisure stroll over there this morning.

After church I worked in the office for a few hours, printing all the exams for term 2. I went to the Accra Mall at 12pm and right when I pulled into the parking lot I realized I did not take the wallet with my Ghana Cedi's so I did a bit of window shopping. And guess whose holiday song was playing at the Game Store, (Walmart) .... ELVIS.

In the afternoon I did all the work to get the term report cards filled out with all the mid term grades recorded and also the attendance. I took me about 90 minutes to get the forms all filled out, I had to include teacher comments on conduct, attendance and overall student participation. I will copy one of the Term Report Cards and post to the blog before I leave. This week I will fill in the exam scores as I calculate them.

In the late afternoon I sat with Ceci in the back kitchen area. She was sewing a hem in one of her dresses on a Minvera sewing machine that she said she purchased before David was born and David is in his early 40's. The sewing machine is powered by turning a wheel, the machine is beautiful, I am sure a significant antique treasure for a collector of such artifacts. I will post photo. I think it is made in England.

I sat with Ceci and we enjoyed the late afternoon as she was preparing the dinner. Tonight I had tilapia, plantains, rice and vegetables, a combination of cabbage, carrots, scallions and some type of string bean. She cooks them al dente - they are always very fresh and crunchy.

During the afternoon, Ceci commented that next Sunday, Maddie and Morgan will be very happy to have me home. Ceci has heard every Maddie and Morgan story, she has seen all the videos and photos and she gets the FACETIME update every time I talk to them via the iPad. Yesterday when I was talking to Maddie, she was looking right at me - Cindy said she could see my face very clearly on her iPad, it's amazing how they know. I am looking forward to all the kisses from both girls. It will be interesting to experience their reaction after being gone for 10 weeks. Every Saturday or Sunday they've heard my voice via Facetime, they know I am around.

I called Lilian's sister several times today and her cell phone is turned off. I am headed to Ridge Hospital at 6am with Kwame. He will drop me off and I will be there until the doctors complete their rounds between 9am and 10am and hopefully, hopefully she will get the chest tube out and we can bring her home. She is ready. She does not want to be there anymore. I will provide update.

The children will complete their Math and ICT exams tomorrow. Tuesday they will finish with RME and Environmental Studies. Wednesday they will come in the morning and write their holiday sponsor letters and make bracelets and in the afternoon they will enjoy their native songs and dance with the local music teacher, William. Kaia Duke the ISEP volunteer that supported Mawuvio's during the entire firs term will come by for her last visit with the children and teachers. We are all extremely thankful for her dedication and support of MOP during her student exchange program at the University of Ghana. She leaves Ghana on 12-10 and his headed to Paris and England for the holidays. She arrives in the US to be with her family in Arkansas right before the new year.

Thursday I am not sure what the students will do. I know we only keep them until lunch so they can enjoy the hot meal prepared by Ceci. Friday they come for their report cards, and for lunch and then they are officially on vacation until WED January 7th. A new primary class 1 teacher will join the school staff, Martins Ebenezer.

Friday at 6pm Kwame will take me to Kotoka Airport, it is only 15 minutes away with no traffic, on Friday afternoons at that time the traffic is crazy, it normally takes 45 minutes to get there. My flight leaves at 10:10pm, Accra to JFK on Delta.

The week will go by fast, lots to get accomplished everyday.