Dec 11, 2013

Seat Belts and Roadside Plantain Chips

The first morning that Lilian was at Ridge Hospital, when Kwame and I were headed there early a police woman who was directing traffic at a very busy intersection signaled for Kwame to pull over because he did not have his seat belt on. We had just left the bank ATM and he was in the process of putting his seat belt on, needless to say, she gave him a lecture. She was going to write him a NOTE, what they call tickets in Ghana. He pleaded with her re Lilian being in the hospital and she finally let him get back in the car. As Kwame told me a few minutes later, I pleaded with her "merciful heart"

Today when I went to the mall the same thing happened; the traffic cop directing cars as we exit the mall, came over to me, signaled for me to stop. I did. He saw that I my seat belt was indeed on, he waved for me to move on. For a split second I thought I was going to be asked to show my driver's license, etc. I am prepared, I always drive with passport, my license from GA and my International Drivers License issued by the Auto Club.

The mall is probably the farthest I would venture on my own. I think I could drive to Ayikumah and back - but I would never go alone and never ever after dark. And for sure I could drive to Ridge Hospital and back. I have that route memorized for sure. I don't know the street names, but I know the major billboards before every turn.

And on the way back from the mall, I had my first bag of roadside Plaintain Chips from one of the vendor ladies that sells them from high above a basket she carries on her head. They are the best, I had the "brown type", meaning the plantains are ripe when they cook them. They are oh so good. They remind me of my childhood in Panama. If only I had a cold CLUB beer to go with them.

I did get 4 Alvaro's at the mall and they are getting cold in Ceci's frig. So tomorrow and/or Thursday Stefan, Ceci and I will have a refreshing Alvaro with dinner.

My routine for the day of my flight home, I have Ceci make me scrambled eggs for dinner. Something light yet hardy for the 18 - 20 hour hour journey home. I am forever boycotting any food served on a Delta Flight.

On Friday I will leave the Kissemah compound at 6pm- which is 1pm in Atlanta. I arrive in Atlanta at 8:51 on Saturday morning, I should be home by 10am for sure.

Based on prior trips home from Ghana, by 3 or 4pm on Saturday I will be ready to go to sleep. And because of the time difference I will be waking up on Sunday at 3am or 4am, it will take me a few days to adjust.