Dec 13, 2013

Packing ....

Packing can be challenging when you are trying to bring home a traditional Ghanian harp and 40 lbs of recycled glass bead bracelets.

I won't go into detail, lets just say I had to rethink my strategy and most of the beads are going in my carry on. I will have to go slow when I am traversing the airports and ask for help getting the carry on up into the overhead compartment. The harp belongs to Kaia Duke. She is headed home via London and Paris so I volunteered to bring it back for her.

Tomorrow I will be with the primary 1 Class and the rest of the students from 8am to about noon. They are coming to get their exams and their Term Report Cards and then they will color, sing, eat lunch a bit early and then be on their way to vacation until January 7th.

The last time I traveled home about 20 of the girls came to the school office at 5pm to see me off. And a few of the boys. I will take a picture with whoever comes tomorrow.

I am trying not to be upset about Lilian not being able to come home. As Madam Ceci says, the doctors know what they are doing. I have to trust that her lung will drain in 2 or 3 more days and then Kwame can get her home by Monday. Her sister, Belinda is amazing and she is doing everything possible to make Lilian's stay in the hospital easy.

Today was the start of day 15 for Lilian at Ridge, she does not want to be there; she was tired, she had a fever and the sparkle in her eyes was not there. I got the biggest reaction from her today when she figured out and confirmed that the calculator could add, subtract, do multiplication and division. She did problems for about 30 minutes, for the first five minutes or so, she did the math on the calculator and then she rechecked to see if the calculator was correct. The wonder and discovery in some of these tiny moments are precious. She wanted to see pictures of Maddie and Morgan and today I did not bring the iPad - I did leave her the pictures of the girls that I had up in my volunteer room. She will get those for her birthday on the 21st. I will be checking on Lilian everyday and will provide updates. Please continue to keep her in your prayers

I post this update tomorrow in the AM - and then not sure when the next update will be. My layover in New York is very short.