Dec 19, 2013

Mother - JoAnn Catherine

I am not sure why, the last two days I've been thinking, thinking, thinking of my Mother, JoAnn Catherine Arosemena Rodewald.  All kinds of thoughts, memories and emotions.  

Maybe it because yesterday I read all the letters from the children at Mawuvio's, so many refer to me as "mother".  

Maybe it is being home with Maddie and Morgan, having them close by at all times, having the sweet love of Maddie and the play, play, when can we play spirit of Morgan.  

Maybe it was talking to little Roger and Juan Carlos in Panama and thinking of all the years we had tropical Christmas in Panama. 

Maybe it is getting used to being away from Lilian and realizing that she is indeed discharged from the hospital and now home.  Part of me worries a tiny bit.  Kwame assured me that he would go and check on her tomorrow. 

And then I run across this photo on my desktop. This holiday picture taken in Panama circa 1966 or 1967, Toby has to be shy of his 2nd or 3rd birthday, he was born in January of 1965.  This was the "saltine crackers" photo, we have several of the out-takes where Toby is eating saltine crackers. He was a bit unsettled for the photo shoot and the crackers helped. 

My Mother made Christmas a very special holiday for our family, for our relatives  and for friends and neighbors. We were the GO TO house in Altos del Golf for the annual sugar cookie baking bonanza. My Mom ensured that all the children got their turn at decorating cookies. And then we had the rum balls and my all time favorites ever, the pecan Sandes or Mexican Wedding Cookies as they call them here. 

Mom, I miss you and I am thinking of you especially these days as we get close to Christmas. Thanks for all the years you made the holidays so special for all of us.  

Thanks for being an amazing MOM and thanks for your love of your family, especially your children, Ana, Rogelio, Carlos, Tobias and myself, thanks for loving DAD. 

I miss you.