Dec 2, 2013

Mathew Chapter 1 Verse 2

Peace, she is a complex little girl.

She is full of energy, she is always moving, during lunch break and before school she is running to and fro or with a group of the youngest girls in KG1. She is fluent in Ewe and does not yet speak much English.

Everyday I try to find her before school starts or during lunch, I ask her to slow down just for a minute or two, I give her a hug or say hello and tell her about the goodness in her heart.

She smiles big, big, big. Sometimes she wants to hold my hand, and she will always hug me back.

During the daily assembly, each class has one or two students that recite verses from the Bible. Last WED morning, when it was KG1 class turn Peace raised her hand and Ben called on her, she said out loud, Mathew Chapter One, Verse 2.... and she quoted.

"And Jesus said Amen".

And all the students responded with Amen.

Peace Peace Peace, I wish you Peace !!!

You will always be in my heart.