Dec 11, 2013

Looking Forward

When I get home - based on prior trips to Ghana I am a bit overwhelmed, everything is so different. I remember the first time I traveled here, when I arrived home and we turned onto Winterhaven Dr. I was taken back by how ordered and structured the street looked. And for some reason, everything inside the house looks big - it's like stepping into a cartoon or animated version of a place you are familiar with.

What I am looking forward to being able to do immediately from practical everyday standpoint ....

1_ Sleeping on my Temperpedic bed -

2_ Drinking water out of a glass. Here I drink water out of the Pure Water cellophane bags. Each bag holds 12 ounces.

3_ Not having to flush the toilet with a pail of water .

For the record, the tap in Ceci's kitchen area was "flowing with water" two days in a row. We did not break a record and make it three days in a row, but as Ceci says.... "The water will come strong soon".

Today we had Lights Out for about 30-45 minutes and then the power came right back on. Since October 14th, the power has only been out 3 times, once for about 4 hours and the other two times for about 45 minutes.