Dec 12, 2013

Lilian Update - THURSDAY

I was at Ridge Hospital at 6:50am today. Lilian is not coming home today or tomorrow. The main doctor caring for her is standing by her initial update, Lilian has to have three days of 50mm or less of fluid drainage from her lung before the chest tube is removed.

Lilian was not happy today. She is tired of being there. She is now the "well" patient in room B; the children around her, John, George and Mabel are very very sick.

I was there until about 1pm. We colored, we did math problems, I showed her how to use my pink calculator which she loved and she wrote a letter to the wonderful people in Atlanta who are taking care of all her medical bills. She is indeed a special child. She also ate breakfast, she was not very hungry, but her sister and I urged her to eat.

She had a fever on WED, she had a slight fever today. She slept for about 1 hour from 11am to 12pm. When I left I told her I was not sure I would be able to visit tomorrow, I told her I would try. I told her I have her sister's phone # and I can greet her via the phone if I cant make it.

Needless to say it was tough to leave.