Dec 1, 2013

Lilian Update Sunday ...

What a difference a chest tube can make. Lilian's lung is draining as it should, she is regaining use of her right lung, her temperature is normal, so no more fever, she is eating and her beautiful and radiant smile is back. She sends greetings to everyone that is praying for her and thinking of her. She told me "Madam, please tell them I send my thanks."

I was at the hospital by 7am today, it was quiet when I got there. Belinda, Lilian's senior sister, was given her a sponge bath. She put on her Sunday church skirt today, she looked beautiful. I brought her some new books and she asked me to read all of them to her. Fishy Facts, My River, Horray for Snail and Choco's Mother. All of the books have amazing illustrations, we spent about an hour looking at all of them and discussing the stories, the similarities, all the animals, etc. Lilian was alert and very interested. Because of some pain meds, her sister told me she slept most of Saturday all day.

For breakfast she had tea with milk and some biscuits, or what we know as soda crackers. I told her more stories about Maddie and Morgan, we even looked at her X-ray with the tube in her lung, she understands everything that is going on. When I told her that she is very very brave and I confirmed that she was indeed sedated when she got her chest tube put in, she told me, "Madam you are also very brave." -

We agreed that one day we will write a story book called Lilian Goes to the Hospital and we will write about how God and bravery and Doctors can indeed make a child better. Lilian will illustrate and I will write the account with her help. She also has crayons and some coloring pages, she colored with her left hand and did a great job.

By 9am, Dr. Solomon, who was the original admitting doctor, did rounds and completed a thorough re-check of her lungs and breathing= he listened, listened, listened, tapped on her chest several times, palpitated her stomach and her side. A few minutes later, a senior lady doctor came by and Dr. Solomon had to review the information and chart all over again. Per the doctors, the chest tube will be in for 7 days, they are holding firm on that - They collected much fluid yesterday, today the draining is not as productive, they said this is expected. A few doctors passing by greeted Lilian, one called her the ward's "Star Patient."

David, the 4 month old in the next bed is still there. He is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. He is a tiny tiny little baby, he has a growth inside his mouth, they will remove tomorrow. A new little boy, George was in the 4th bed, he was very very sick, he was completely sedated and on oxygen the entire time I was there. Pumbaa, the oxygen tank, had been moved to his bed. Lilian smiled when I confirmed that Pumbaa was indeed helping George.

Lilian ate lunch, she had wache, rice and beans. She ate with gusto. She was reading Fishy Facts when I left. Belinda will check on the lab results on MOnday and we will call tomorrow to see how Lilian is doing. The teachers are going to see her on Tuesday afternoon. Lilian knows that we are going to help her get home, I told her we will bring her in the car, she will not have to ride home in the troto.

It was wonderful to see her smile, the radiant look in her eyes has come back. We spoke at length about her having to be still and patient while the tube is in. We spoke about her going home and having to rest for at least two weeks. I assured her she will get to take her story books home and keep them. I also told her I will bring her a birthday present that she can open on the day of her birthday.

Thanks again to all who've sent messages and posted notes on Facebook. Lilian knows she has many supporters. I appreciate from my heart. Everyone at Mawuvio's appreciates.