Dec 2, 2013

Lights Out Since Five Thirty PM.

Lights Out Since Five Thirty PM.

This afternoon, Teacher Austine and I were in the office working on exams and the lights went out in Kissemah around 5:30pm.

It is now shy of 8pm and the lights are still out. Kwame turned on the generator, two of the outside lights are on, one is right by my volunteer unit door. So the MOM's next door are taking advantage of the light and lots of activity is going on right outside my door. There is cooking going on, Terrence has been crying, Ben his older brother is singing Christmas Carols, a couple came to visit, so lots and lots of goings on outside.

Christian Village is all lit up, there was much discussion about why Kissemah is out and not the village across the junction. The night is a tiny bit cool, I will get to practice my perfect stillness tonight and manage without my friend the fan.

Since October 14th when I arrived, this is only the second time the lights have been out.

Quick update, lights were back on shortly after I typed this update.