Dec 15, 2013

@ Kotoka Airport

This post is out of order, it was the last post I wrote before I boarded the plane in Accra.


I left the Kissemah compound at 5:45pm. It took about 45 minutes to get to the airport. I did all the check in, immigration, etc. by 7pm. I had to pay $75 because one of my bags was over the weight limit. They wanted me to rearrange the luggage to avoid the fee, due to the strategic packing I opted to pay for the charge. This Delta flights comes from New York, lands in Accra, then flies to Monrovia, the capital of Liberia and then makes the flight back to Accra and then JFK.

I had my usual, customary, celebratory Star beer at the airport snack bar. I planned ahead and got some roasted almonds- I had my own HAPPY HOUR before boarding the plane. I hope to post this while I am in New York. I checked the weather forecast for Saturday. They are supposed to have snow in New York in the afternoon.

I was able to talk to Lilian twice today - the first time at lunch with the Primary Class one students. They all greeted her, wished her well and told her they are thinking of her. I also called her about 4pm from the back area of Ceci's kitchen, once I was done with the call I had a big ol cry. I think even Ceci teared up watching me cry. When I went to say my last Ma Y Mava to Ceci, she told me "Madam don't worry, God will ensure she comes home". Ceci she is such a wonderful, calm, reassuring person.

School was a challenge today, the children were excited to be on vacation. We had worship in the morning. The teachers then shared a message for all the students, we then had lunch and then the term report cards and exams were shared.

During the worship message shared by Teacher Francis, he spoke to the children about what Christmas is about, celebrating the birth of Christ, as you can imagine they were all quiet, all paying attention, sitting up right, all behaving, all of a sudden you hear this hissing sound that won't stop and the children in one of the benches start moving fast and jumping, and Sir Francis keeps talking. We could not figure out what was going on, I imagined bugs, a snake, it was only a few seconds, but we could not see the source of the hissing, then all of a sudden a caramel color spray shoots up in the direction of a few children and they start screaming. Sir Francis stopped, several of us were already moving in that direction and then we saw the Coca Cola can. One of the KG1 students, Emmanuela brought a coke can to school, I am not sure how it got punctured, but for about 20 seconds we had all this activity. Of course when we all figured it out a few of the children laughed and snickered, I thought to myself, with children anything can happen and this is an example. The children that got sprayed, cleaned off a bit with their handkerchiefs and Sir Francis picked up right where he left off, Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus being born in the mangers.

The children went home by noon. About 20 came back between 4 and 5pm to see me off. It was the usual suspects, most of the children that live close by in Kissemah. And of course Godsway from the compound was there. He is such a little man and troublesome. Today while we were all hanging out by the school office, he decided he wanted to bite one of the little boys that was also on the patio. It was the 3rd time in ten weeks that I saw him bite someone. He also likes to play with fire. Today in the early early AM I caught him putting a coal pot fan - right in the fire. The front of the fan was catching on fire when I saw him, I yelled his name loudly and startled him. Then his sister, Pamela went over and wrestled the straw fan out of his hand. Of course he was not being supervised, his MOM was out front setting up the Food Stand her and her sister established a few weeks ago.

Ceci made me the best scrambled eggs, she insisted I have my last two or three piece of plantain, I agreed and enjoyed eggs with plantains. Stefan had an early dinner with me, he had his favorite, ramen noodles and plantains and a boiled egg.

I am sitting at Gate 4 - the Delta boarding gate. The plane will board at 9pm and depart by 10:10pm. Because we ride a bus out to the plane, the board the flight both in the front and back and it does make a huge difference in boarding time. I actually have Silver Elite status because of all my flights to Ghana, I will board with zone 1 and get my very very heavy carry on in an overhead compartment. I even planned a change of clothes for the flight. In Ghana it is very very hot until you board the plane. I actually have a short sleeve shirt on, when I am on board, I will change into a long sleeve t-shirt and my pull over sweatshirt with a hoodie . I am sure I will be cold in the 27* forecasted in New York, I know I won't be in the cold cold air too long.

Ghana Ghana Ghana, I told the children today that I will come back; I've honored 5 of those "I am coming back promises'. We have lots of work to do to get the school in Ayikumah opened, staffed, etc. by September. Stay tuned.

Thanks to Cindy Shope for all her love and support and for taking care of Maddie and Morgan while I was gone. This trip would have not been possible without her caring for the girls and taking care of all the things related to the house, bills, etc.

Thanks so so much. AKPE KA KA KA KA KA KA ... That is thank you very, very much in EWE.