Dec 14, 2013


I made it home safe. 

Maddie and Morgan were happy to see me. I took Maddie a few minutes to be sure I was home. Morgan gave me many kisses. I have video I will post. 

I talked to Lilian today, she sounded strong and her voice smiling. I called Madam Ceci and Kwame when I got home, both were happy to know I was in Atlanta.  

It is cold and rainy here, Cindy says it has been this way for a bit. I slept for about 3 hours, now I am trying to stay awake a bit so I can begin the adjustment to the Atlanta time. 

Kaia, the harp made it to Atlanta. 

For the record, I lost 21 pounds.  

I will post my last Ghana update tomorrow when I am more alert. 

Ana, Roger, Carlos, Tobias it was great to talk to all of you today.  Thanks for all your love. You are the best brothers and sister anyone could ever have.  

Looking forward to pancakes at Carlos and Michele's tomorrow morning.