Dec 1, 2013

Business Up and Running

A few days ago, Godsway's Mom and her sister had someone build them a tall wooden table. It was propped outside of their unit next door, I was not sure what is was for, I knew it was too big to put inside their housing unit.
Saturday afternoon we all found out. When Kwame and I came back from the hospital, Godsway's Mom (I promise I will ask her name) and her sister, Esther set up a food stop right outside of the compound. See the pictures below.

They are selling Bo Fruit, which is basically a big round donut. The children love them, I am sure come Monday morning they will have steady customers. Stefan told me they are either 50 or 60 pesewas, which is 25 or 30 cents. They also sell fried yam and cassava and the Pure Water bags, cold ones they keep in the blue coolers. Stefan told me they also have plantain chips, I did not see those today, I will check out the stand tomorrow. I am not sure if they will have the business running in the morning as everyone goes to church. After church the street in front of the compound is very busy, actually the street is very busy all the time, I think they will do well. There are many workers across the street working on Albert's building, there is also a tiny area down the street where 4 to 6 men make cement blocks all day - and big trucks come to pick up the blocks to take to job sites. It will be interesting to see how they do.

When I walked by today and took Godsway's photo, the aunt offered me a sample of the fried yam. It was very good, the taste similar to fried yucca or cassava. They wanted to give me some of the red hot sauce, I politely declined and ate it without the sauce.

In Ghana if you have the idea, the determination and the ability to set up shop, you can start a business. They are many food vendors, all types. There are many sellers of almost anything you can imagine - and then there are the traditional business like repair shops, stores, example: paint stores, cold food stores, (they sell frozen food only) there is one gift shop on the Kissemah junction road, pharmacies, gas stations, stores where ladies sell dresses that the make, etc. etc. I still have not found any place where you can develop or print pictures. There was a great place at the Accra Mall, but it closed. I asked Kaia if the university had any services where students could print photos, she said for passports, yes, any other type of photo, she was not aware of any service like that on campus. Because there is so much construction going on in Ghana, there are stores, vendors all over that sell the materials to build: wood, iron, cement, blocks, tools, wheel barrows, etc.

I will let you know how Esther and her sister's Food Stop

It is 8:15pm and I am tired, tired. Tomorrow we are headed to the Ridge Hospital at 6:30am, so yes I am going to put on my PJ"s and be still for a bit until sleep comes my way.