Dec 3, 2013

All in One Day .... Monday the 2nd of December.

@ 6am I was in the car with Kwame and his friend, Michael, headed to a prominent government officials home in Westland, which is about 5 minutes from the Kissemah compound. He heads an organization in the Ministry of Interior department here in Ghana, that can help MOP. Kwame's a friend, Michael, knows the government official from way back, he got us the "hook up".

The government official's "people" screened us on Sunday, we gave them all the info, the MOP business card, etc. They told us to come back today at 6am. And we did, they let us into the person's home, a huge compound behind a huge private gated entry. As soon as I got out of the car, I was greeted by two dogs, they were some type of Cocker Spaniel Mix, a black one and a white one. They were cute and friendly and you could tell they are cared for. We sat outside the home in a nice covered patio- terrace area for about 5 minutes. The gentleman then opened a large glass door and invited us into his home.

The meeting was short, it was all business. He told us what we need to do to get the support of the organization he heads, Kwame and I will write letters and provide the MOP info needed. Our visit was a follow up, Renee and her Mother, Barbara visited with this person last December. He knows about Mawuvio's, what we do, the school, etc. The benefit we will gain from this relationship is the ability to ship goods to Ghana, large quantities of goods, books, supplies, uniforms, etc. and not be taxed or charged any type of import duty. No red tape, no customs inspectors, no forms to fill, etc. Or at least that is the plan.

@6:45am I was back at the Kissemah house in the kitchen area having coffee and the tap was running. Ceci was happy. This is the 3rd time since October 14th that the water has been flowing in the village pipe system. Ceci was busy filling up all the containers.

@7am I had quick call with Belinda, Lilian's sister. She said Lilian was doing well. I reminded her to check on the lab results. I thanked her again for all the support she is providing by staying with Lilian every night and ensuring she has food, a sponge bath, a change of clothes, etc.

@ 8:15am all the children are ready for the start of the school day assembly. Something about Mondays, they have extra energy when they come back. Today the Primary 1 Class was in rare form, they wore me out. Or maybe it was a combination of the heat, the humidity, their energy and all that has been going on for the last 5 days. Today we did Exam Review - lots and lots of review. At the end of the day for the last 30 minutes, they got to color, they were very happy. All of them asked about Lilian, all of them. They were happy to get the report on her marked improvement. They are sad that she will not come back to school until the beginning of the next term on January 7th.

@12:30pm I had my first taste of summer in Ghana, MANGOES. Ceci cut up some of the mangoes we brought from the Somanya area. They were tasty, tasty, tasty.

@12:50pm I was in the school office treating the gash on Elijah's leg. It is almost all healed. Victor who is also in my class stepped on something hot - and burned the bottom of one foot, the area that was affected was the size of two quarters. I helped him clean the area and then we put the violet liquid over it that dries hard - creating a band aid like effect with no band aid. I will take a picture the container so I have the correct name. The children call it "injection violet" , I assure you there is no injection, the color of the liquid is indeed a deep deep violet.

@3pm I went to the University of Ghana, Legon campus to copy exams for Lawrenda, Abigail's class and mine. I was there for about 90 minutes. In Ghana you cannot self-serve at a copy place or a gas station for that matter. They copy places all have people who take your order and then go to the machine and make the copies. Same for gas stations, they all have attendants - they wear brightly colored uniforms with logos of the oil company they are selling gas for, Shell, BP, etc.

I saw Daniel on the way home. He waved at me and called out my name. I hope to visit with him once more before I head home. He had an amanzing box like hat on his head and he was pushing his bicycle.

@ 5:30pm I went to Ceci's kitchen area to have my dinner. Ceci put an Alvaro in the frig, it was nice to have the refreshing drink with dinner.

@6:45pm I met Stefan's DAD, David. He arrived from Holland yesterday, he has not been to Ghana since 2011. He will be here for 2 months, Stefan was beaming - he was so so happy to be with his DAD or "Daddy" as he calls him.

@7:15pm I got to talk to Ana, my sister, for a tiny bit. They are all back from their trip to Argentina. Ana said it was wonderful, one of their best trips ever. I miss her so much. It was wonderful to hear her voice.

@7:30pm Lawrenda called to give me an update on Lilian. The teachers went to Ridge Hospital after school today to see Lilian. I told Lawrenda I would get all the details tomorrow, I wanted to be sure that when they saw her she was doing well. I could tell by Lawrenda's voice that they had a good visit. Kwame and I will go WED and I plan to be there most of Friday when they remove the tube.
Our teachers are so awesome. I am sure Lilian was surprised and very happy to see them. Teacher Kaia called and she also will plan to visit Lilian on Wed.

@8:10pm I am ready to turn off my brain and get some rest. Terrence and Godsway have already had their cries, it is fairly quiet outside, the fan on speed 2.