Nov 28, 2013

Update on Lilian

I was at Ridge Hospital all day with Lilian and her family.

She had a chest Xray which confirmed her right lung is filled with fluid.

She had a procedure done at 1pm, some liquid was drained from her lung. If all goes as planned, she will get a chest tube in tomorrow to help continue draining the fluid. Lab test were ordered to determine if she has a viral infection, fungus, or something else.

She had a team of 5 doctors during the procedure, one was the head of the pediatric ward, and there were 4 other pediatricians there, I think some were residents, all young. Lilian says she wants to be a doctor, she noticed today that several of the doctors were women.

She is brave little girl. She got some powerful drugs late in the afternoon, hopefully those will kick in overnight and help her with her breathing. Her 17 year old sister, Belinda is at the hospital with her overnight. Kwame and I will be back in the early morning.

Thanks for your emails and prayers.


We named her oxygen tank, Pumbaa - from the Lion King. I suggested Henry and she did not like that name.

I also found out that Lilian is a middle child in a family of 5 siblings, 3 boys and 2 girls and her Birthday is December 25th.