Nov 27, 2013


Lilian Ampomah from Primary 1 Class is still out sick, she has been ill for six school days. Kwame went to see the family today, Lilian was taken to the hospital last night, she was home today, Kwame said she was still not doing well and that she looked very sick. He said the condition is asthma. We made a get well card from all of Mawuvio's, I will have all the Primary 1 students sign tomorrow and Kwame and I will go visit her home after school. We miss Lilian very much.

Today was exam review day. In English we did Action Words, to BE verbs, to DO verbs, to Have verbs and nouns. In Science we did living and non-living things, animals that walk, swim and fly and also plants, animals and objects. Tomorrow we are doing RME and Math.

We will start exams next Thursday on December 5th. We will be done by the 11th, this will give the teachers 2 days to get all the grades calculated, report cards prepared and the children will get to make bracelets for 2 days. There is a shipment going to Austria so Flo and Hannah can continue to sell to family and friends. I will also send some home to Madam Kaia so she can sell in Arkansas.

Today Primary 1 Class had their ICT review in the office. After we reviewed the components of a computer: monitor, keyboard, printer, CPU, mouse - they were able to Facetime with Madam Cindy and Maddie and Morgan. They were very excited, they all introduced themselves, they all said Thank you at the end and also sang a wonderful song. Morgan and Maddie were happy to meet all the children. And Cindy got a personal invitation from all of them to come visit Ghana.

When we were done with the ICT review, as we were getting ready to exit the office and come back into the compound, I could hear loud grumbling, like a mob type sound and it grew louder and louder. The children got excited and I got excited. I looked out window and all I could see was heads - many of them coming down the street approaching the school office. For a few seconds I got scared, I told the children to get back, get down and be quiet. As the crowd of 20, 30, 40 passed in front of the office, I could see they were all dressed in dark clothes, men and women and then I saw a wooden coffin up in the air being carried, again 30 to 40 people following. As soon as we realized the crowd was a funeral, I told the children we needed to be quiet and be respectful as the family and friends of the deceased passed by. One of the older girls in the class shared that the person who died was the Grandmother of one of our Primary 2 students, Joyce Sogah. When I told Lawrenda what happened, she said the family of the deceased areTraditionalist, they do not burry their deceased on Sunday like most Ghana funerals that take place over a 3 day period. The Traditionalist according to Teacher Lawrenda bury their dead as soon as they can. Customs and culture are so interesting.

Cindy told the children today that it is cold in Atlanta, Carlos said it snowed at Michele's parents home where they are visiting for Thanksgiving. Ana and Parker are having a wonderful time in Argentina and Toby will be in Atlanta on his way to Panama shortly after I get home.

Teacher Kaia came today with another ISEP exchange student, Candice, she is from St. Louis and another Ghanian student from the University who is interested in the teacher position. His name is Nana. He is majoring in music - he transferred to the University of Ghana at Legon and has been teaching from three years at Cape Coast. We will do the official interview next week. He said he was coming back Monday with this "particulars". In Ghana when someone applies for a job they usually present a letter of application, a CV or resume, they provide copies of their diplomas, letters of reference and also baptism certificate to account for their religion. Some of the packets Kwame has received from applicants even have copies of birth certificates and the national ID card, equivalent to our SSN card at home.

Tonight as most nights go, Terrence had his good cry about 7:15pm. I saw my little friend, Godsway today. I have to snap his picture before I leave. When his Mom dresses him up to go out he looks like a tiny little man, he is so so cute. Normally in the compound he is running around barefoot with shorts and a t-shirt and he is always smiling.

I found the copy place on the university campus where we are going to make all the exam copies. They stay open till 8pm, I will probably go Friday late after school.

Have a great WEDNESDAY -