Nov 13, 2013


Some many things happen in one day. Last night Ceci went across the street to Issac the vendor who opened a shop across the street and she got me a full bag of HACKS and I am so glad she did. Today there were kids literally "hacking all over my classroom". Victor, Florencia, Prince, and someone in the back row, I can't remember which of the girls. The crud is going around for sure, Teacher Abigail said it is the change in weather. We are in full on summer, it is hot hot hot and the sun is extremely warm. I don't know how the kids play outside during lunch break. Ceci told me that today by lunch time they'd drank three large pails of the water container we have for them to drink everyday. They are thirsty and I can see why.

Alice came back to school today. Kwame and I walked over to where they are staying (the house where Ben's family is staying) and gave the Mother of Alice two large bags with clothes, shoes, uniforms for Alice, tooth brushes, clothes pins, soap and I also put in several toys, Beani BAbies for the small children. And yes I took over my large jar of Jiff Peanut Butter. I know the children really liked the Peanut Butter when I gave a taste to Ben and Stefan, knowing there are many children in that house that are not getting three full meals, I packed the peanut butter. I am sure they will enjoy.

Alice came into the office today and cried. I tried to find out why she was crying, I think she was overwhelmed and scared from what happened. She also did not have any shoes, the ones we took, all were too small for Alice, so she came to school in day slippers, like flip flops. I told her we will find her some shoes in the large basket we have in the office, or we will buy her some. She also needs a backpack, everything in their house burned. She told me she saw the fire and she was scared.

The teacher we interviewed was a good candidate, he could only work part time, so we discussed why we could not hire him. He was a nice gentleman, 24 years old, working on his accounting degree at GIMPA which is a private university about 5 minutes from Kissemah.

Teacher Kaia, the wonderful ISEP volunteer we have, she will be transitioning her afternoon classes to me by the end of next week. She is going into her final exams the last week of November, she is taking 7classes. She will continue the music program until she leaves the 2nd week of December. So this means I will teach one week of ICT, Environmental Studies, RME and Science, then 1 week of review, review, review and the final exams are the week of December 9th. Teacher Kaia told me that she saved a man from drowning at a beach outside of Accra this past weekend. Long story, she is a competitive swimmer at her college and has been a lifeguard many years, she told me she is always on guard at the beach, its part of her nature. She saw a man in distress who was getting pulled farther and farther down the beach - she swam out and helped him back in.

Today in the office I had a fight with the HP printer. I 've been using it and it has been working just fine, today I went to print a document and I got an "unrecognized printer cartridge error". I immediately went to Google and found that the printer we have HP Photosmart C 4480 has a history of this error message and all you can do is restart, remove the cartridge, put it back in - hope it works, or put in a new cartridge all together. I removed the color cartridge, took out the black one and put it back in and whala it started working again, error was gone.

Tomorrow I have to write up the exams for Florence who missed school on Monday. When I asked her why she was absent, she said, "After I bath, my Father told me I could not go to school. " I was not able to get anymore information from her. This is the first time she has missed since I got here mid October. Will see how this goes.

Today the students in Primary One, the class I am teaching, they were a handful. I had to send Elijah out of the class for 10 minutes to think about if he really wanted to be in school today. I also had to sit Grace Mary on the end of the bench closest to me so she could focus, focus, focus. She is very smart, I am not sure if she gets bored or if her mind is so curious that she mentally travels out of the classroom area and topic quite often. She and Angela were the only ones that got 100 on their Math Test.

Today we reviewed the carry over additions, they all took turns coming to the board. They all were able to do the problems. On Thursday I will ask them to do these problems again, and tomorrow they will get take home work to complete - both in additions and subtractions.

I am writing this update in my room. Today I was in my classroom area at 6:30am writing the assignment on the grease board, I was having my tea at 7am, interviewed the teacher at 7:45am - then worked in the office until assembly, started teaching at about 8:45am until 11:45am. Had my lunch break, fresh pineapple for 1/2 an hour in the back area, then to the office to work on documents, to finalize the clean up, to fight with the printer, I completed the October expenses log and did some email. I also usually take Teacher Kaia back to the university. I was at dinner at 5:30pm and sat with Ceci until about 6:30pm. Everyday is usually like this - always busy and the time goes by very fast.

I am headed to the back for what Ceci calls my " village bucket shower".

I hear it is very very cold in Atlanta.

Please forgive any typos, errors, etc.

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