Nov 5, 2013


Some days are tough.

Everyday we have challenges with the children, not all, but everyday one or two or three have issues. And many of the issues we face are because the parents don't care, or a different way to frame this, the parents don't value the education of their children, perhaps they don't see the possibilities, certainly they don't see the future.

Life for many of them is about today, about survival, about making sure they have water to get through today, not about Friday or next week or next month or next year.

Many times Mawuvio's is parenting the parents and its tough to learn and understand; I struggle with this at times. Issues like children having to stay home to care for their younger siblings, issues like Mother's not washing the uniforms and undergarments of their children, issues like homework that goes home and does not get done, issues like children from our school out late at night traversing the village as if they are adults, many of them are managing, surviving, getting along the best they can because their parents don't take on the full responsibility of caring for their children.

This month we will have a PTA meeting on Saturday November 23rd. The last PTA meeting we had, 30 parents or caretakers attended, so 50%. Per Kwame those parents are engaged, interested and appreciative. I will keep you posted on the PTA agenda, plans and meeting.

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