Nov 16, 2013

The Bread Lady at the Junction

One day I was asking Stefan if anybody has or sells brown bread.

He said yes, "the lady at the Bread Lady at the junction (the main paved road that borders Kissemah and Christian Village) she has brown bread around 5 in the afternoon and it is very very hot."

Can you see the blue box like appliance on the left side of the picture. That is the oven and there are loaves baking right there on the side of the road.

What I don't know is where the dough is mixed. I will visit her one day and find out.

In the morning we have a lady that comes to the school with a huge box of bread, she sells a slice equal to two pieces of bread - and puts margarine on the slice and sells it for 10 pesaws, which is equal to 5 cents.

One day I am going to get some of the brown bread and try it. My assumption it is some type of multi-grain.