Nov 25, 2013


I am writing this post on Sunday @ 6:30pm. It has been a an overcast day in Ghana, clouds all over all day; the rain did not visit Kissemah. As Stefan says, "Madam Elena, it is raining somewhere else." We actually got rain last night around 11pm, it was a gentle rain, it was nice to hear the raindrops on the roof.

I went to church with Sir Austine, our Primary 4 Teacher and the service was rock and roll and dancing and Hallelujahs and Amens at fever pitch; the officiating pastor today from Atlanta, Georgia. I told Austine on the walk home that I missed about 25% of the message or sermon, the sound system is so loud I cannot understand what the pastor is saying. I am sure over time I would get used to the volume and somehow discern what is being said, today it was very very very loud. We sat in the second row, maybe I need to sit farther back in the sanctuary. The message today from Pastor Salah, discover and develop your gift and calling; desire and defend your gift and calling and do your BEST, your God BEST !!!!

In the afternoon I finished typing all the Primary 1 Exams. I had a few written out by hand, today I got them all ready to copy. I got my score sheet ready and all the calculations ready to figure out the overall "marks" as they refer to grades here. Exams will be Monday through Thursday December 9th to the 12th , on the 13th I will complete all the scoring, ranking and fill out their Report Cards, so when the children go home from school that day, the officially begin their vacation. I head to the airport that same day at 6pm, for a 10pm flight from Accra to JFK - and then from JFK to ATL - arriving Saturday morning December 14th. Three weeks will go by fast.

In the early afternoon I was able to Face Time with Maddie and Morgan - I wish I could video their reactions, if I had another set of hands or a tripod maybe I could. When they hear my voice they turn their heads and their ears move and within seconds they start barking. Morgan points her head up and barks straight up to the sky, Maddie barks frustrated looking for me, she paces back and forth looking, looking.

Tuesday @ 2pm I will take all the Primary 1 Class into the office as part of their ICT review and they will get to meet Maddie and Morgan via the iPad. As part of the review I turn on the desktop computer, we review the keyboard, the function of the printer, the CPU, and also the monitor and the mouse. ICT is part of the Ghana Education Services curriculum. (Information, Communication and Technology) - Last week I tried to explain what Microsoft Word and Excel do in the computer, when I did the Auto Sum function with excel they all jumped and smiled.

As part of the early evening family routines, tonight is it Terrence's turn to cry. Not sure what is going on with him, he is crying, crying, crying. Godsway now goes out of his way to say hello to me, if he sees me, he will point and say something in EWE Baby language; I always respond, I will say something to him in English, give him a high five and. or wave. He is such a character at 18 months. I will try to get a good picture of him before I leave. He has big beautiful eyes and a handsome smile. Godsway has an older brother and sister, John and Seder (not sure I am spelling that correctly). Their DAD passed away, so their MOM, moved in with her sister here in the Kissemah compound.

Hope all is going well with everyone and with your families especially as you all head into the Thanksgiving Holiday week. Best Wishes to all of you !!!! Greetings from Ghana.