Nov 17, 2013


Many have asked how many students are currently sponsored ? To date we have 37 out of 62 children assigned to a sponsor or as the children refer to them, "my friend."

If you know anyone or any group interested in sponsoring a Mawuvio's student, please have them visit the website at and also send me an email at elena1025@comcast. net

1 _ $360 per year or 98 cents per day.
2_ IRS tax deductible
3_ Funding covers 100% school operating expenses
4_ You can pay with credit card via the MOP web site (PayPal)

Thanks for your interest and thanks for sharing this information with family, friends, co-workers, your FB page. Thanks !

Last month we had a group of ladies who run a high end salon in Atlanta sign up to sponsor one of our 2nd graders. Blessing was featured in their monthly newsletter that goes out to all their clients and also on their FB page. It is great publicity for Mawuvio's and we appreciate all the support.

Thanks to the Little River Salon in Atlanta.

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