Nov 10, 2013

Slow Sunday

Today on purpose I did not do much. I got all the exam questions ready for English and Math and I went with Kwame for a quick appointment at 3pm with a government official who is able to help us get the exemption for the duty tax if we ship goods from US to Ghana for the school.

I am feeling 98% better and hope that tomorrow when I wake up, I will be 100% - The coughing and sneezing continues in the compound, Madam Ceci says something is going around Kissemah.

Speaking of Madam Ceci, she loves the new paint in the kitchen. Rafael did a nice job, he got all the work completed in one day. Rafael was back today trying to talk me into painting the entire compound, he said it would be nice and he could have it all ready for Christmas.

Last Thursday Kwame and I and one of the Kissemah Community Organizers, Michael, visited Rafiki Village just outside of Kotuku, about 45 minutes from Kissemah.
Rafiki was founded by Rosemary Jensen out of Florida, 25 years ago. There are 11 training villages all over Africa, I don't remember all the countries, the one in Ghana is the first one established 11 years ago. One of my friends back home is doing some work with them, I emailed the local Rafiki contacts and asked if we could visit and they said yes.

The Ghana location cares for 118 orphans, ages 2 to 21. They live onsite, go to school, get all their medical care, everything. They also have 50 day students that come from the neighboring areas. Rafiki is funded 100% by US donors and supporters. The facility is run by an American lady named, Susy, we also met with the medical director, Janet. You can check them out at
It was a great visit, their were extremely gracious in answering many questions we had about the dorms, the eating hall, discipline, the school curriculum, class sizes, volunteers, etc. It was good for us to see a like organization doing what we have plans for in Ayikumah. Certainly we are not scaling to that size, but the overall concept is the same. Thanks again RAFIKI Ghana for your great hospitality. And thanks to Misty Wilson of for the introduction.

I have not finished the few things I need to complete in the office organize project, I will tackle during the week.

We have a great applicant for the teaching position, I hope we can get him scheduled for an interview tomorrow or Tuesday.

I will keep you posted on the exam results. I am sure I am more anxious than the children, I want them to well.

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