Nov 30, 2013


Today we went to the school site in Ayikumah. We visited with Ben, Kwame's younger brother for a bit. I checked on the count of lights and fans we need for all the rooms, so I can update an estimate we got last week from Frankie the electrician. Then we drove to Somanya for the beads.

Since we left Kissemah early in the morning and got to the Somanya market early, we got in and out quickly. On the way back we stopped and visited one of Kwame's friends, Carlos, who was involved in a serious accident. He was on a motorcycle and was hit by a car, his left leg, both his femur and the bone below the knee are broken. He is staying at relatives home in Somanya because he cannot walk. It will take "some time" as they say in Ghana for him to be back on his feet again. He was very happy to see Kwame. We visited with him for about 15 or 20 minutes, before we left Kwame prayed for his healing. It was very touching.

We stopped at the Highway View Restaurant owned my one of Kwame's friends, also named Kwame. Today I had the coldest beverages to date in Ghana. I had a Passion Fruit flavored Alvaro, it was so cold, I thought I was dreaming. I cannot describe how refreshing the 8 oz drink was. The Ghana summer is hot hot hot and today was no different. The temp in the high 80*, with 74% humidity, the weather app I have on my iPad says it feels like 96* in Accra.

We got back to Kissemah around 1:30pm.

I checked on Lilian twice today, she is doing OK. She had some pain when she woke up today. When I called and Belinda, her senior sister, told me this, I asked her to report the information to the nurses. Two hours later when I called, Lilian had been given meds for the pain and was feeling much better.

I will be at the hospital very early tomorrow. There should be minimal traffic early AM - Kwame can drop me off and I will take a taxi home.

We start exams at Mawuvio's on Thursday of this coming week, December 5th. My class will do English and Math this week and then the other four subjects Monday and Tuesday of next week. I have all day Wednesday to calculate their grades and fill out their report cards.

Thursday since all the children will be done with exams, we will make bracelets for a few hours.

Friday they get their report cards to take home. That is the last day of school and then they vacate. School is out until January 7th, in accordance with the Ghana Education Services academic school calendar.

Amazing that time is going by so fast.