Nov 6, 2013

Questions from the First Graders

Today I showed the First grade class pictures of the new school and there were BIG BIG smiles everywhere.

Of course they were very excited to see the toilets and the showers and the six big classrooms. They loved the video of the shower running.

I explained they layout of the school, drew a big picture on the white board, outlined where the office and kitchen and dormitories are and then encouraged them to ask questions.

Here are they questions they asked and in the order they asked.

1_ When they bath were does the water go ? And how ?

2_ Where will they wash their hands?

3_ Can they eat in the dorm area ?

4_ How will they sleep, will they share beds ?

5_ When will they come home _? Some said they did not want to come home.

6_How will they go back and forth ?

7- Is there a field to play outside?

8_ Will there be bicycles ?

9_ Will there be a see saw_?

10_ Will other children be there?

11_ Will Ceci come there to cook their lunch ?

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