Nov 3, 2013

Partial Eclipse

The 2013 West Africa eclipse came and went and the day did not darken, everyone was disappointed. For some reason we thought the day would darken a bit, I checked Google and several articles confirmed that the eclipse was partial. One of the families in the compound had the special glasses so we all took turns looking at the Sun and yes you could see the Moon partially covering the sun as it crossed in front of the fiery planet.

I took it easy today. I watched a podcast of the service from Victory Church in Atlanta, I did a few emails, read a book, and even took a nap, then I joined many of the children to see the eclipse, which lasted about 20 minutes. Then I read again and visited with Stefan and Ceci. It has been a nice hot day in Ghana, I've been under the fan in the room most of the day, it has been OK. It is so very quiet when the children are not here. I kept thinking of my primary 1 class today. This coming week we have 2 days off, the schools in Ghana break for 2 days for the children to prepare and study for mid-terms. We will be closed Thursday and Friday and return back on Monday November 11th. When the students are back we give them review tests that cover the information they've learned from September to now. The final exams are the week of December 9th. And we are scheduled to have a PTA meeting on Saturday, November 23rd, so lots of activity with the school in November.

We are headed into the dry season, rain will become more and more scarce and it will get up into the 90*. I have to remember to drink and drink and drink lots of water.

A weather condition called "harmattan" kicks in, dry winds that can blow sand around the village. The harmattan should be coming in December. The first December I was here in 2011, we did not experience this. Per Kwame that year it came in January after we had returned home.

Hope all is going well for everyone back home ! ! !

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