Nov 26, 2013


Today I was in the office @ 7am, I re-typed the Term and Annual report cards forms that we will copy and have ready for all the students. At 7:30 I hurried to the kitchen to have my breakfast, black coffee and scrambled eggs with tomatoes and scallions.

At 8am I was back in the office printing the leadership assessments for Teacher Austine and Teacher Lawrenda. At 8:15 we went for the morning assembly. By 8:30 we were in the classroom and Primary 1 was ready for another week of school. Lillian has been out all week and did not come today. Tomorrow we will go to her house if she does not come to school. Her MOM came to the PTA meeting and said she was still not feeling well, I hope all is well with her tomorrow.

Class 1 did reviews today for the upcoming exams. We had a break at 10am, I took the class back out of the compound, we stood in the shade by the goat pen and did math additions and subtractions. By 12pm lunch was being served, the children had their recess break. I had my lunch, today it was the sweetest watermelon ever.

Elijah came back to the kitchen area to get me as he had a gash on his leg that needed some care. I took him and Victor to the office and cleaned a few scrapes they have. I put a purple liquid over the gashes that drys and creates a seal on the skin, they call it VIOLET and it is dark dark purple. At 1pm they came back to class and we were in school until 2:30pm.

I worked in the office until 5pm, typing up Exams and also organizing the electronic files on the desktop so Kwame and the teachers can find all the documents they need with ease.

At 5:30pm, Stefan and I had dinner in the kitchen area. Tonight we had chicken, ramen noodles and vegetables, (a mix of cabbage, carrots and string beans). I had 2 bags of Pure Water - It is 3 cups of liquid. I guess I was thirsty.

I came back to my room, typed up a few emails that I will send tomorrow early. Several of the children from the compound were outside singing Christmas songs, I took the iPad outside and showed them a few Maddie, Morgan videos, they were all smiles. Even a few of the MOM's came over to see what was on the screen.

I took my bath at 6:50pm and I am back in the room typing my update - this will get sent tomorrow before school starts. We actually have a meeting with the teachers at 7:30am.

Teacher Kaia is coming tomorrow with a friend - also a student at the University of Ghana. She will do the music program @ 3pm. I am doing an art project after school, we are decorating STARS for the holidays to hang on the porch with the Christmas decorations I brought. I will put the decorations up on Sunday with the help of some of he senior students, they children can enjoy them the last two weeks of school.

Stefan's Father, David, is coming from Holland next Tuesday. Stefan is very excited. His Dad has not been to Ghana in 2 or 3 years.

Saturday Kwame and I are going to the Ayikumah school to check on the progress of the work currently being done. Also will go to the Somanya market to get more beads for bracelets, and we will also check out the Marina Hotel, which is about 10 minute from the new school.

Sunday I am going to church with Ben, Komlavi and Forgive. In the afternoon I plan to go to the Legon Botanical Gardens. Or at least that is the plan for now.