Nov 11, 2013

Monday @ School

Lots of activity today in school.

#1 Alice Afi who is in Class Two, her house burned down last night around 7pm. As they say in Ghana, by HIS grace no one was hurt. Everyone was out of the house, and when I say house, imagine a wooden structure, plywood nailed together, one room probably not bigger than the master bath in most homes in Atlanta. They are 4 girls in the family, a newborn, Fafali who is probably two, Yvette, who is 5 or 6 and Alice who is 7. I think there are a few older brothers, I will confirm. They lost all their possessions. They are now living at the house under construction where Ben's family lives, I posted a picture the firs week I was here. Kwame and I are going after school to see what Mawuvio's can do to help them.

#2 Peace Akor's caretaker was here today. We spoke to her about Peace and the behavior concerns we have with her in the KG1 classroom. She was agreeable to keep Peace out for a few days, talk to her and come back with her WED or Thursday.

#3 A girl in class 3, her step mother shows up around 9:30 saying money is missing from the house. She wants the student taken out of the class so she can address the issue, according to her the student took it. Kwame says no. The girl is in school, we have exames this week, this is a house matter and that she has to wait for the student to get out of school. Kwame did get the student out of the class momentarily, asked if she took the $$, the student said NO, and Kwame sent her back to the class. This is the second incident like this. A few weeks ago, it was a student in class 5.

#4 Tomorrow we are interviewing the person who submitted application for the teaching position. Will keep you posted. His resume looks good.

#5. Tomorrow we have a teachers meeting. We will review their training, also the proposed agenda for the PTA meeting and other items re the new teacher, Teacher Kaia's schedule - she is the ISEP volunteer, exam results, etc.

#6 Many of the children are sick. There is coughing all over, 4 kids in my class were coughing, coughing. Teacher Lawrenda is sick. YIKES ! ! ! !

#7 I will send Exam results for my class in a bit.

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