Nov 15, 2013

Love this Picture

On the left, 6 year old Deborah. She is in pre-kinder. And to the right, Dennis, who is 8 and he is in KG1 or kinder.

I am not sure how Lawrenda does it, she manages two classes in one. The babies as I call them are four, Deborah, Saviour, Tafika and Peace. The KG1 are 8. Prosper, Dora, Etonmah, Victoria, Emmanuela, Mark, Patrica, Dennis.

There is no way I could do what Lawrenda does, she is so patient with them, at the same time, she also has the look in her eyes, they know when they've go over the line with her.

What I love the most about this group, they are learning. Some of the children came to us in September and did not know ANY English, nothing, not the ABC's or 1, 2, 3, nothing. And now I can hear them at the board: B O Y Boy, C A T Cat, D O G, Dog, etc.