Nov 15, 2013


I am now 30+ days in Ghana, in 30 more days I will be heading back to Atlanta. How curious that on this day, the middle point in my journey and stay here, I figured out the overall scores for my class on the mid term review tests or exams as they call them here.

These are the scores that combine all the tests they took in Math, English, RME, ICT, Env. Studies and Science.

Drum roll please...

95% Akos
92% Elijah
88% Lillian and Victor
86% Abil
84% Godsway
83% Angela
80% Shalome
73% Joyline
66% Prince

Grace Mary and Florence scores will be posted Saturday. I did their make up tests today.

I had a meeting with Teacher Kaia today and I will be ready to transition to teaching her 4 subjects at the end of next week. Basically we will go in to review, review, review and prepare for the final exams for Term 1.

The weather has actually been cool in the evenings during the past two days without the help of any rainfall. The breeze has been constant - I actually had to turn off the fan last night and use my sheet to keep warm. Not sure if it will get hotter as we get to December. The days are in the high 80's or low 90's and the sun is bright and very hot.

Today Peter and Paul Adah got to Skype with my brother Tobias, he is their sponsor, the boys are 11 year old twins. Toby had a few of his office mates on the call, the boys enjoyed the interaction very much. At Aiykumah we will have a much greater opportunity to do this - as we will have much more space and WIFI is planned throughout the school office, the eating area and at least the front classrooms in the school.

Tomorrow is Friday. The children have worship in the morning and then I think tomorrow they are going to the soccer field for Physical Ed. I will administer the tests to Florence and Grace Mary and get a break from teaching English and Math.

We are still looking for a teacher, Kwame assures me that we will find someone for Term 2. We may shift a few teachers around, will see when the time comes. The teachers continue their training at the Manieson Academy. They are also doing a leadership development conference call once a month with a volunteer executive coach from US. They are very excited to be doing this, their first call in on Tuesday of next week. They will actually complete an online leadership assessment and then review the results with the coach.

Next Saturday we have our Term 1 PTA meeting.

I was able to talk to my sister today, she and Parker and Hulda and Dick are headed to Argentina on Friday and I won't be able to communicate as often with her.

It is so wonderful to hear her voice and the voice of all my family and Cindy and Maddie and Morgan. Some days I miss home more than others. Some days all I want is quiet. At the compound with all the children who live here there is always something going on outside and since we all have screen windows, no matter how many doors are closed, the sound carries.

Little Godsway was crying a bit earlier - his lungs were getting a work out for sure. During the week all the children are usually settled in their units by 8:15pm or so. During the weekends there are people outside sometimes past 10. I have a huge fan that whirls above my head in the back part of my volunteer unit, it acts as white noise and helps me get to sleep when there is lots of activity outside.

I think that is all for today. I am going to work on getting all the Primary 1 Exams ready for December. I have to type a few of them. Now that I am feeling 100% better, no coughing, no sore throat, no runny nose, etc. I will go to church on Sunday with Teacher Austin. Next week I hope to see a lady who lives very close by, who is the sister of someone I worked with at Cox. She has lived in Ghana all her life and is actually about 5 or 10 minutes from Kissemah.

Thanks to everyone who emails or sends reactions to the blog posts. I love hearing from you and your notes of encouragement and support mean so very much. As they say in Ewe, AKPE AKPE AKPE .... Thanks Thanks ! !

The children are teaching me EWE right before the lunch break, today I learned: I have AMEVU AVU YIBO SVUNO. That means I have two black dogs who are female. And I am their NUFIALA, Teacher. And they are the students, SUKUVIO.

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