Nov 6, 2013

Industry at 4:30am

Yesterday, the water taps started flowing and the MOM's by the unit were I sleep were busy filling their barrels, pails, jugs, etc.

The flow of water started at 4:30am, at that time there was an industry of swishes and swirls, water emptying from one vessel to another, water running, pouring, it was great. I am happy they were all able to fill their containers without having to fetch it up from up the street.

And all this happened outside my window in the dark, I am sure they have a set routine of how it all works, what containers get filled first, etc. I confirmed with CECI she had also had the opportunity to fill all the vessels in the back of the compound where her water tap is.

What I don't know, how they are notified that the tap is running, especially when it starts at 4:30AM, there has to be a way that they all get notified, some type of communication, buddy system. I will inquire and post the update.

Everybody is happy there is water -at least collected in all the containers each of the families have.

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