Nov 28, 2013

In The Company of Angels

When I first met Renee and Kwame in 2011, after spending 20 days in Kissemah during my first visit to Ghana, I told both of them that I was honored to know them and help them with Mawuvio's because I knew I was in the company of angels. They are both very special people !!!!

Today I told Kwame again - I am honored to be with him as he is truly an angel to the children of the Mawuvio's.

Today he is responsible for getting Lilian from Class 1 to the pediatric ward of Ridge Hospital in Accra where she is listed in serious condition, she is getting the best care possible, she has a serious case of pneumonia, it is a long complicated story how she got so sick, the good news is she is in a hospital, she is getting oxygen to help her breathing, she is getting the medication she needs to help her lungs and she is on an IV drip to get her body the fluids she needs. There is an attending pediatric physician on duty 24 hours at Ridge.

Lilian is 9 years old. She lives is Westland, about a 5 minute trotro ride from Kissemah. She has a 17 year old sister, Belinda, who is at the hospital with her tonight. Her Mom was also at the hospital with us, they also have a baby boy in the family, he is an infant. If you read this post tomorrow, pray for Lilian. The doctor said she should be much better tomorrow, at the same time they will do X-rays to find out how comprised her lungs are because she did not get the appropriate care sooner.

I was with Lilian much of the time we were waiting for the doctor to do the consult and then when she was admitted and assigned a bed in the ward, I tried to comfort her and let her know that she is going to be fine. We discussed plans for when she comes back to school and that she should not worry about exams, as she is one of the top students in the class. The area in the hospital where we were had animals painted on the walls, we where close to an elephant. I engaged Lilian in conversation about the Lion King and she told me all the names of the characters in the story, I saw her eyes light up during the conversation.

I asked her if she had any questions for me, I wanted to know if she was scared, or if she had questions about her illness, etc. (This is something we do in class everyday before lunch is served) She surprised me and said "Madam I want to know about Maddie and Morgan." I took a deep breath and held my composure and told her many details about the girls.

Lilian was so brave. She is a very eloquent 9 year old, and because her English is much better than her MOM's, (the mother speaks the native language EWE) when the doctor did the consult, he first started asking the Mom questions, then he asked Lilian and she did a great job of answering very detailed questions about when and how she felt and where the pain started, etc. It was amazing to watch. I kept smiling at her and telling her she was doing a great job. The only time she complained the entire evening, she told the doctor she was sleepy.

Mawuvio's provides the funding for medical care when the children have health issues that the parents cannot afford to pay for. We keep a serious first aid kit in the office for the daily cuts, bruises, infections, etc. that we treat. Some children have had cases of malaria, one year there was an outbreak of cholera with 3 or 4 students, we've covered the cost of stitches several times. Kwame said tonight, Lilian's condition has been the most serious one to date that Mawuvio's has provided support for. The parents were very appreciative. I will provide an update as soon as we know how Lilian is doing.

It is now 11pm Ghana time. I am sure the roosters will be doing their morning call soon.