Nov 4, 2013

How is Your Monday

By the end of the day yesterday I was already anticipating Monday and having the children back in school. Teaching primary 1 class, or first grade, is a wonderful experience.

In teaching you always learn and it has been no different for me. I've learned that I can, I've learned to remember and remind myself over and over and over that I am working with first graders, some go at their own pace, some mentally leave the classroom and I have to encourage them to come back, some like Joyline, are craving and ever so thirsty for affirmation and celebration of who they are. Just in three weeks I've noticed a huge difference with her in the class. In the beginning she was quiet, withdrawn, many times putting her head on the desk. I purposely called on her, purposely told her every time I grade her work that she is doing a great job, I purposely engage her and encourage her and this week she is smiling, she is raising her hand, she is sitting up, and she is smart, she gets all the information I am sharing and teaching. It's so simple, humans want to connect, humans want to be acknowledged, valued, and it is so easy to give from our hearts.

Wether you are in Kissemah or in the grocery line at Publix or on a busy Hwy in Atlanta, we have so many opportunities everyday to make the world a better place for someone or many someones.

God has put 12 first graders front and center in my life and for a few weeks, I am giving to them and they are ten fold giving back to me. I love their smiles, I love every time they get an answer right and are excited, I love when they say, Madam are we going to learn Spanish today? I love when Elijah keeps me on track, if I miss numbering the questions or I don't put a full stop at the end of a sentence on the board, he will come up and tell me quietly. I love these children.

So highlights of school this morning

1_ We confirmed for all the students that Thursday and Friday we will be closed for midterms. That means the teachers and students get 2 days off to ready for mid terms test next week.

2_ We had a huge huge huge downpour for about 15 minutes at lunch. It was nice ! ! Some of the girls in my class ran to their backpacks and put on their pullovers, (sweatshirts) because the rain makes them cold.

3_ One of the girls in school today started her menstrual cycle for the first time. Thank God, Teacher Lawrenda is here, she knows all what to do, where the hygiene supplies are, etc. I will ask her after school, so I can help next time. I also need to check, if there are any cultural norms, anything that is shared with the girls that I am not aware of.

4_ Gifty Dokuvi is back, she was out with Chicken Pox all last week. I hope she is all all all better.

5_ Abil missed school today because she cut her hand. Her MOM was here, she gave Lawrenda the 411. Abil is one of the primary 1 girls.

6_ Kwame went to the Ghana Education Service - GA East Municipality and picked up the Mawuvio's School "Certificate of Registration" that accredits our school for the next three years. HORRAY HORRAY ! ! The GES came out to Kissemah on September 27th and did a review of the school, they check the physical grounds, the desks, the blackboards, the space, and then all the records and logs we have to keep. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

7- We confirmed the teachers will resume their training with the Manieson Academy, next week.

8_ We've identified 2 students from Primary 4 and 5 that will work with Ghana Education Aid on their reading comprehension and skills.

I think I am forgetting something. I will include in update later today.

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