Nov 9, 2013

Headed into Week 5

On Monday I will be heading into week five of my stay in Ghana.

Amazing how you can settle into a routine quickly. I have to admit the first two weeks were tough. Even though I knew what to expect, the change is so drastic in EVERYTHING you do, everything is different, sights, sounds, smells, surroundings, food, language, weather, transportation, housing, how you brush your teeth, shower, .........everything you know and are accustomed radically changes when you get off the plane at Kotoka Airport.

Now I am at the deep end of the pool, treading water just fine and enjoying the challenges and rewards of everyday. I am excited for the mid terms next week, I will provide updates on my class scores, I am hoping they do well. I am doing the English and Math tests, and Kaia Duke, the ISEP volunteer has ICT, RME, Science and Environmental Studies. We are so fortunate to have Kaia this term, she is extremely dedicated to the students, she comes 4 days a week for the afternoon portion of the day and also does the music program 2 days a week. She is a remarkable young lady.

In the compound I now can tell the difference between when Terrence is crying and when Godsway is crying. They are the youngest, both boys under the age of two. One has huge lungs and cries like a warrior, Terrence is a bit smaller in size and cries like what you imagine a baby would sound like. All the children know me, they talk to me, they smile. Let me see if I can remember their names: Godsway, John, Nicholas, Reginald, Vivian, Benjamin, Leslie, Elsey, Terrence, Michael, David, Kwame, Kofi, Yam, Della, Fafa and Annie and of-course, Stefan, who is Ceci's Grandson and Kwame's nephew. (I think I am missing one girl).

This time the MOM's in the compound are all talking to me, some are more friendlier than others, but I exchange the Ghana GOOD MORNING with all of them - it has been friendlier in the compound for me than in the past. Maybe because this is my 5th visit and maybe because I am staying longer.

Today, Teacher Lawrenda, Teacher Austin, Ben and Komlavi, (senior students) and I, we spent 4 hours cleaning the school office. Basically a spring cleaning in November. We put all the supplies in clear bins with lids. I can attest that we now have enough pencils for probably two school years, thanks to the GIRL SCOUT TROOP from Atlanta. We have great reading books that were not being used daily, we now have them in groups by grade level, the teachers can pull them off the shelf, take them to the class and bring them back. We dusted off the holiday tree with lights that we have for Christmas, we will put it up as we get closer to December. We also got rid of books that were not really books anymore, and some that are very worn, we will give to the students next week.

I have one more corner of the office to do tomorrow.

Right at the end of the project, I was able to Face Time with Maddie and Morgan and it was wonderful. When I call their names over the iPad, their ears move, their heads move, Maddie gets frustrated and barks because she can't find me. I miss them so much. It is hard to explain, their love is present in such a HUGE way in my everyday life and routine, I miss them everyday. I talk to the kids about them and it is nice that they remember their names. I always have new Maddie and Morgan videos to share. They always ask me if I can bring them to Ghana.

My apologies for any typos or any errors, sometimes I go fast and I am tired today, my editing energy is lacking.