Nov 29, 2013

Friday Update on Lilian Ampomah

6:10am ~ Got up

6:30am ~ I was in the kitchen with Ceci and Stefan having black coffee and scrambled eggs

7:00am ~ I was in the office checking emails, also waiting for Teacher Austine to arrive

7:25am ~ Left the Kissemah House

7:30am ~ Went to the ATM to get Ghana Cedi's

7:50am ~ @ Shell Gas Station in Achimota getting gas for the car as we head to Korlebu Hospital to buy the chest tube kit for Lilian - The Ridge hospital pharmacy does not stock these types of kits.

9:20am ~ Arrive at Korlebu Hospital, park, find the Surgical Pharmacy, the don't have the kit size we need for Lilian, the doctor orders is for size 18 or 22. We call Lilian's sister at Ridge Hospital, she gets the doctor on the phone and she confirms we are OK to purchase the kit size 24.

9:35am ~ We are in the car on the way to Ridge Hospital. After carrying the actual chest tube to the car, it is the length of a knitting needle and probably the same width, I get scared. I was time traveling in my head, imagining the tube going inside of Lilian chest and getting myself all worked up. As we drove through heavy traffic I see a taxi ahead of us with a huge decal on the back that reads, THE LORD WILL PROVIDE. Around the next corner we get behind a white troto, on the back of the windows the word POSITIVE written in yellow, and not 3 minutes later, a vendor selling decals - child's theme decals, (big stickers like for walls or bulletin boards) he had ducks, tigers, and some type of fish, amidst the decals for children he had round decals of Jesus. I am not making any of this up.

I saw all those visuals and in my head and heart I said THANK YOU GOD - thanks for sending me a HUGE - message that Lilian is going to be fine.

10am - We arrive at Ridge, we walk into the children's ward and Lilian is sitting up in bed in a pink pajama set with Peace signs, she looked beautiful. (PEACE SIGNS)

She told me that Auntie Renee had given her the outfit. When I commented on the Peace signs and how beautiful she looked, I told her God was with her today and always and that she was going to get better soon and be able to go home. We also met with one of the pediatricians, I showed them the chest tube kit and all that came with it so they could put in the orders for the procedure. I spent about 20 minutes with Lilian, all the students from her class, Primary One, wrote her individual letters and made great decorations. She also had a Penguin book to read and I also showed her the crayons and coloring paper I brought for her to color over the weekend. She was very happy. I told her that many people all over the world were praying for her, that all wanted her to be well. She said "thank you Madam". Her voice crisp, clear, the sweet sounds of an amazing child.

11:00am Lilian gets wheeled to the ER with Pumbaa the oxygen tank, except today Pumbaa is bigger. She smiled every time I referred to the tank by name. I know she told her Mother, cause she asked about the tank in Ewe and they both giggled. The ER area as you can imagine is busy. People running all over, nurses, doctors and Lilian is the only child. I found a seat where I could be right next to her while she waited, she was very brave. I asked her if she knew what was going to happen and she said, " Yes Madam, they are going to cut me right here and put a tube in my chest." I asked her who had told her that and she told me the doctors told her yesterday when they did the procedure to drain the fluid to get samples for the lab. I assured her she would be asleep and that she would not feel any pain during the procedure, she may feel pain when she woke up. During this time Lilian assured me that the Holy Spirit was in her lungs. I wish I had a tape recorder, it was an amazing conversation, I will never ever forget this little girl.

11:55am Lilian is taken into the room where they complete the procedure, two doctors, two nurses and the nurse that came from the Pediatric ward. The closed the green doors and the waiting began. It was agonizing, I don't know how parents do it. It was a long long long time.

12:40pm Lilian comes out of the ER room, she is in a wheel chair, Pumbaa is with her. She is awake. I am handed the bill for the procedure and told to go and pay. Kwame is handling the wheel chair, while Felicia the nurse is managing the oxygen tank. Lilian's sister and Mother are also with us. Lilian does not have insurance, the chest tube procedure, 50 Ghana Cedi's - just under $25 Dollars.
When I am at the window paying, Kwame comes up running, he has a bill from X-ray, the doctor that did the procedure wants to X-ray Lilian's chest to ensure that tube is deep enough into her right lung. Kwame gets ahead of the line, we tell everyone we are dealing with a young child who needs the X-ray stat, Kwame pays and heads back to the X-ray area. The cost for the X-ray, 15 Ghana Cedi's or $7.50 cents. I am sent to the pharmacy for a prescription while Kwame and the rest of the group complete the X-ray and get Lilian back to the Children's ward. The hospital is big, all different buildings, so the walk from the ER to the children's ward is outside, there are sidewalks, Lilian is wheeled back under the bright Ghana sun.

1:20pm ~ I am back in the room with Lilian, she is fast asleep and the tube is coming out of her right side and you can see bright yellow liquid draining to the bottle that is set up to collect the liquid. I find the doctor ask questions about next steps, how long will Lilian be in the hospital, does she need any additional medicine, etc. The lady doctor is very through, she provides all the information, she saus a minimum of 5 days. Kwame and I explain everything to the Mother and sister, we tell them we are not coming on Saturday, we will be back on Sunday afternoon to check on her. We leave funds for the MOM incase anything comes up.

1:30pm ~ I went back into the room, checked on Lilian one more time, she was sound asleep. I gently put my hand on her, and said a quiet prayer and Kwame and I walked out.

3:00pm ~ We got home. The afternoon commute coming to the area we live in was bumper to bumper - hot, dusty, car exhaust in every flavor imaginable, Kwame and I were silent most of the way. At one point I looked at him and said THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

3:05 ~ I went back to Madam Ceci's kitchen and had fresh pineapple while we went over all that happened. Ceci's has been extremely supportive, everyone has. I saw a few of the girls from Class 3 as they were leaving, the asked about Lilian - they all told me they prayed for her today during worship.

I will provide update on Sunday. Thanks to all who sent emails regarding Lilian, I appreciate more than you will ever know. AKPE !!!!! Thanks from everyone in Kissemah.